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Ancient Myths and Biblical Creation Story- Jr High

Compares the Ancient Creation Myths of the Egyptians and Babylonians/Mesopotamians with the Biblical Creation Story. Focuses on the means of creation, the creation of humanity and view of humanity, and the difference in each story.

Tara Healy

on 9 September 2010

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Transcript of Ancient Myths and Biblical Creation Story- Jr High

Storytelling Creation Stories
of the Ancients The gods are limited. Some are weak, some are strong, some have wisdom but are unable to act in wisdom, some have power but lack wisdom. Marduk is arrogant and though he is the King god he lacks creative ability. Creation comes from death and destruction. How do these stories compare to Genesis 1? Biblical Creation: Genesis 1 The Creation Stories of Ancient Babylonians and Egyptians were told during the time when Israel told her creation story.

Why would it matter for Israel to have her own creation story?

Why even look at the creation stories of the surrounding peoples? Babylonian/Mesopotamian view of humanity Egyptian view of humanity Egyptian Creation Story Babylonian Creation Story
Babylonian Humanity/Fall

Humanity are slaves of the gods. Created from a rebellious god’s blood and parts attempts to explain why humanity is so rebellious and evil. Creation is a product of death of an evil god which may explain why creation does not always function they way we hope. Marduk is arrogant and though the King god has little power. His arrogance may also explain such presence of pride and arrogance in humanity. Creation came out of epic battle. There was no simple creation. The forces/gods fought each other. Creation was bore from constant chaos and conflict. Creation was made from the destruction of an evil god. Humanity, though with a higher view than that of the Babylonians, is still subject to the acts of gods. Because of the acts of the gods death, war and chaos enter into the world. Because of Isis decision to demote Seth, humanity is still subject to death, war and chaos. Humanity is at the mercy of the gods. www.corporatestoryteller.be He does not need children or other gods to help. He is the God of creation, the seasons, the stars, the day and night and humanity is his crowning achievement. Humanity it made from the dust yet holds the image of God himself, meaning has many attributes that reflect God. God alone already exists. He has an order to creation. He alone creates. He creates unopposed, no foe to fight off. He creates with order, which demonstrates God holds both the power to create and the wisdom to create; something the Egyptian and Babylonian gods lacked. The Fall and Humanity Egyptian Fall/Humanity

Humanity is subject to the mercy and actions of the gods. Their actions and decisions bring death and destruction into the world. Humanity experiences death and suffering, not because of their decisions and choices but because of the gods. Humanity is a helpless puppet. Humanity was an after thought. Created from the blood of a rebellious god, Kingu which may be a way of explaining why humanity does evil and rebellious acts. The purpose of humanity was to preform menial tasks for the gods. Humanity is subject to the whim of the gods. There first exists a primordial soup. Out of that emerges Atum, later called Ra. He created a hill for himself, then the other gods but only through “union”. Gods are created with unions with other gods. These unions are often brothers and sisters having children together. The gods are also limited as with the Babylonian gods. They are not very smart, considering the story of Seth and his wooden chest. Evil, death and war enter the world because of the conflict happening with the gods. Thus again humanity is subject to the gods. Genesis 3

Humanity is at the apex of God’s creation. They presented a relationship with God, creation and each other. They are created for relationship and to be participants in creation (be fruitful and multiply, work the ground, etc.) Their first day of life is a day of rest not a day of work.

The Fall of humanity is not God’s fault or plan. It is the choice of both the man and woman. They disobeyed and now humanity suffers the consequences for their actions. However God is not absent. He holds accountable yet humanity still participates in creation and relationships, things are just harder.
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