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Isabela Marantes

on 8 September 2014

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Transcript of Location

The 5 Themes Of Geography
Location definitions
Absolute location: A exact point on earth
Relative location: A place found by another familiar location
Is the remarkable thing in that location
This can be considered a place in PAS since here is were we eat and talk and very important for us
region definition
man-made: A boundry made by men
Cultural: A location divided by it's charecteristics
Location examples
Absolute: This is absolute since there is a point it's not near some were it is Joao Albino 110
Relative:This is a relative location since when there is a new student you can say thir locker is net to Ms. Emmy's class
Ideas: when someone share a idea with another person
People:When people move from one place to anoter
Products: When we import/export something
Movement examples
Ideas: Here if we take one of the classes we can say that during the class the teacher passes here ideas to students
Movement examples
Products: Sodexo Buys Products from a factory that is products moving
Adapt: when we adapd with wath the enviorment gives us
Depend: When we need the enviorment
Modify: When we change the enviorment
HEI examples
Modify:Before PAS there was just durt and Trees but now there is a whole schol
HEI examples
Depend: On our nature so that we can make our school beautiful and with air
HEI examples
Adapt: There was a big three right in the midle of the playground we had to adapt to her and built around her
Region Examples
man-made: This is a man-made region since there was no nature to detarmine that there was the IS class but we made a door saying that
Movement examples
People: One student from Brazil is going to USA to study.
Region examples
This a cultural region since we say that every one that is playing sports are at the gym and not in Math class
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