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Cognitive Computing v2

No description

Jerome Pesenti

on 26 May 2015

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Transcript of Cognitive Computing v2

Distinguished Engineer
VP Core Technology
IBM Watson

New class of Technologies
New class of problems
Statistical Machine Translation (IBM 1993)
Oncology Advisor:
Help recommend cancer treatments
Statistical Speech Recognition (IBM 1976)
One day one of his linguists resigned, and Fred [Jelinek] decided to replace him not by another linguist but by an engineer. A little while later, Fred noticed that the performance of his system improved significantly. So he encouraged another linguist to find alternative employment, and sure enough performance improved again. The rest as they say is history, eventually all the linguists were replaced by engineers (and not just in Fred’s lab) and then speech recognition really started to make progress.
Steve Young (2010),
Frederick Jelinek 1932 – 2010 : The Pioneer of Speech Recognition Technology
Engagement Advisor:
Re-invent customer service
Deep Learning
Speech to Speech
Open problems that involve perception, intuition, reasoning, and learning that only humans can solve.
What It Takes to compete against Top Human Jeopardy! Players
Our Analysis Reveals the Winner’s Cloud

Systems Neuroscience and Machine Learning
"What I cannot build, I cannot understand"
-- Feynman
"What I can build, I can no longer understand"
-- Pesenti
DeepFace - 97.25% accuracy
Breaks Captcha with 99.8% accuracy
Read Lips with same accuracy improvement as humans
Who am I?
Cognitive Computing
Jerome Pesenti
Discovery Advisor:
Assist R&D Discoveries
Watson Platform:
Embed Watson into your app
100 Billions
100 Trillions
What's next?
Towards a universal learning algorithm?
Systems Neuroscience and Machine Learning
"What I cannot build, I cannot understand"
-- Feynman
Natural Language
Is this all there is to understand?
Can we understand what we build?
Log2(100,000) x 1.5 year = 25 years
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