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Harrison Cruz

on 30 September 2013

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Transcript of THE ISLAND GAME


designed by Péter Puklus for Prezi

What Will
be Produced?
Natural Resources
How will it be Produced?
- We have the ability to create windmills as a source of energy.
Rachel Benavides
Harrison Cruz
Jessica Gomez
Cody Kesler
Jovan Pruitt
Ryan Spivey

Economic Efficiency
Economic Growth
Economic Equity
Econimic Security
Economic Efficiency
- Because resources are extremely scarce limited, our society needs to assess what its people NEED and want.
- Our society also needs to evaluate how much goods to
distribute among individuals
What Will
be Produced?
Land for agriculture
- We also have the capability to tap into oil reserves on the Western Coast.
With the combustion engines from the nuclear ship, we can produce an abundance of energy.

- Goods will be produced through manual labor. Once the society begins to advance, we can move from manual labor to machinery.
For Whom Will Goods be Produced For
Goods will be produced for the people of the island for sustenance.
Who Will Make
- We decided that the decisions of the island are made through the idea of "Majority Rules"
- The island people will vote and cast their decision into a ballot.
- Choices of the citizens.
Type of
- Since we are just starting this civilization, and people are in dire need of food and shelter, we are going to start off with a socialist economy so that all goods and services are evenly distributed to all individuals.
- Once we begin to advance in society, we will move onto a more capitalist economy so that people have more right to land and property.
- Mezastan would be run under a democracy.
"Ruled by the people"
Preserving Order
- Regulation of trade and distribution of goods.
- Preserving the land. Making sure the land and natural resources are not taken advantage of.
- At least one leader who the people of the island come to respect and follow.
- Settle disputes through laws and restrictions.
Farming Land
Fresh Water
Wind Mills
Jobs Available:
Hunting and Gathering
Shelter Builders
Energy Producers
Medical Attention
Oil Workers (Drillers)
All jobs are determined by the skill set of
the individual
Jobs No One Likes
The jobs that no one likes, such as sanitation will be fulfilled by the people of the least relevant skill sets.
One Job or Many Jobs
- Everyone will have one working job, something they will be specialized at.
- There will be someone to distribute jobs as
well as maintain peace.
and Relationships
- Marriage and relationships are determined by natural selection.
- We cannot control who is to be with who.
- Mezastand will rely on our natural resources such as oil, water, and fertile land.

- The oil will be used to power the combustion engines for electricity and help us advance our island.
- We will use the water to our advantage by using it
to fish from and also to power our mills. We will also use the water for an irrigation system to allow us to grow crows and goods.
- We will use our combustion engines to power our island
along with our mills.
- We have a nuclear ship that we are planning to also convert into an energy source to have a more long term means of energy.
- At the beginning of our society we will not use a currency, rather, our economic system will be based on bartering and trade.
- As our society develops we will switch to a monetary form of currency.

Basic Needs (What are they?)
- An enduring debate in the political economy of development turns upon the question of whether trade-offs exist between economic growth and the equitable provision of basic human needs (such as adequate nutrition, shelter, and education).
- Much of the empirical work on this "growth-welfare" debate has supported the argument that improvements in basic welfare and enhanced economic performance are mutually reinforcing processes.
- a traditional list of immediate "basic needs" is food (including water), shelter, and clothing. Many modern lists emphasize the minimum level of consumption of basic needs of not just food, water, clothing and shelter, but also sanitation, education, and healthcare
Basic Needs
- The fundamental economic problem facing ALL societies. Essentially it is how to satisfy unlimited wants with limited resources. This is the issue that plagues all government and peoples. How do we conquer the issue or scarcity? Many people have thought they had the answer but the issue of scarcity still exists.
- These are those elements that a nation has at its disposal to deal with the issue of scarcity. How efficiently these are used determines the measure of success a nation has.
Problem Solving Cards
You notice that your natural resources are becoming overused and studies indicate that your society is consuming more that can be sustained in the long term. Do you consider the needs of future generations? How do you deal with a growing population and over consumption habits of your society.

We have someone to preserve the land to make sure it is not being abused and who will establish more laws of the land. Yes, we have to consider the needs of future generations, but we also have to control the population, so that we can keep up with the needs of the people.
Problem Solving Card
Energy Policy:

- We will only provide the necessary amount of energy to survive on the land because we do not have an abundance of resources and since we are the only survivors in the world, we do not know of any outside resources.
- We will generate energy through the production of windmills through the use of the combustion engines along with the oil from the Western Coast.
- The cons to building windmills are that they are reliant on wind. So if there is no wind, there is not energy but if there is an abundance of wind, we can thrive.
- The cons of oil drilling are that oil is scarce
but the pros are that it can be used to generate an abundance of energy for many tools and gadgets.
Economic Growth
The people of this island should be innovative and open to change. We must bring new methods, ideas, and products in order to improve our standards of living.
Economic Equity.
- The people of Mezastan should decide
how the wealth, goods, and products are divided within society.
- We should also consider how much society should provide for those who are unwilling to work.

Economic Security
- We want our people to know that we can provide for their unlimited needs.
Land and
Resource Distribution
- Land will be divided and given out equally to everyone
- Farmers will live close to the fields
- Farm land will be shared by everyone and farmers will moderate the size and usage of their fields to protect and preserve them.
- Fresh water will be located near the farms for easier irrigation and will be free to everyone.
- Regardless of their gender or skill set, everyone will be put to work to achieve efficiency.
- But we also have to regulate population
because we have to be able to keep up
with the unlimited demands of the people.
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