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The Life Of Gaius Julius Caesar

No description

Tina Ni

on 1 May 2014

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Transcript of The Life Of Gaius Julius Caesar

The Life of Gaius Julius Caesar
July 12, 100 B.C.E.
Julius Caesar
was born into a political family. His aunt married a famous general named Marius, his mother was a noble at birth, and his father was a Praetor that governed the province of Asia.
Julius Caesar Gets Married
Gaius Caesar,
Julius Caesar
's father died. A few years later, he was married to the daughter of L. Cornelius Cinna. The name of the bride was Cornelia.
Julius Caesar is a Savior
Julius Caesar
was on the staff of a military general. He saved a citizen during battle and was awarded a civic crown which is made of oak leaves.
Julius Caesar Captured By Pirates
Julius Caesar
was heading to Greece when he was capture by pirates for ransom. He actually maintained a friendly relationship as the money was raised, but he warned them that he would probably have to go after them and have them killed if they let him loose. Which he with some connections he had did as a warning to other pirates, but because the pirates took care of him and treated him well, he first cut their throats so they wouldn't suffer as much.
Julius Caesar Is Elected
Julius Caesar
was elected as military

Julius Caesar
was also making a name for himself as a lawyer and public speaker.
Caesar Creates Roman Civil War
The senate ordered
Julius Caesar
to take back his command. He tried to maintain his position legally but he was pushed to his limit and led his armies across the Rubicon River, creating a
civil war
within the Roman
with Pompey the Great.
Julius Caesar as Consul
Julius Caesar
was elected to
despite all the efforts of the
to prevent this happening.
The Birth Of Julius Caesar's Son
Julius Caesar
leaves Alexandria and establishes Cleopatra as a client ruler in alliance with Rome. After Julius leaves Egypt, Cleopatra gave birth to what she claimed was
Julius Caesar
's son and named him Caesarian.
The Death Of Julius Caesar
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Death of Julius Caesar's Family Members
Julius Caesar
's Aunt, Julia and wife, Cornelia both died. He was elected to serve as a quaestor, which is an government financial administrator, in Spain. During this time, he also remarries Pompeia two years later.
The Birth Of Julius Caesar
Image Source: http://highlinelibrary.files.wordpress.com/2010/03/julius-caesar-by-reubens-1619.jpg
March 15, 44 BCE
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Caesar was ready to go and speak to the
, but the important senators were already prepared to kill him, so as he was sitting down they stabbed him 23 times. These senators were lead by Gaius Cassius and Marcus Brutus who was actually a friend of
Julius Caesar
Julius Caesar
's last words were actually (translation) "You, too, Brutus?"
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84/85 B.C.E.
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79 B.C.E.
75 B.C.E.
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72 B.C.E.
69 B.C.E.
59 B.C.E.
49 B.C.E.
47 B.C.E.
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100 B.C.E. - 44 B.C.E.
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