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Dimensionality of the Universe

No description

Elizabeth Michaelson

on 3 October 2015

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Transcript of Dimensionality of the Universe

Origins of String Theory
The 10 Dimensions
Quantum mechanics states that subatomic particles cannot be predicted and everything is random.

Gravitational force has proven difficult to describe microscopically because it does not agree with quantum mechanics and the only way physicists have been able to tie gravity and quantum mechanics is through the theoretical string theory.
Good Morning Ladies & Gentlemen!

Welcome to Our Presentation on the Dimensions of Our Universe!
Dimensionality of the Universe
Elizabeth Michaelson,Mackenzie McCracken, Rosa Garcia-Hernandez, & Aliya Spotts
Presented to You by...

Goals of Our Presentation:
Dimension II
Length x Width
Proving String Theory would help us better understand why the universe exists how it does.

This understanding could aid us in tapping into other dimensions.

Possibilities are endless.
Albert Einstein believed there was a way to combine gravity, electromagnetism, and quantum mechanics.

He hypothesized that all of nature could be described under a single theory and the theory multiple dimensions was the answer.

However, his idea was not supported due to the era of his time.
Why is this such a critical scientific concept of our time?
Dimension 1
Dimension III
Dimension IV
Dimension V
Different Pasts & Futures
Dimension VI
Jumping Between Different Paths and Futures
Dimension VII
Dimension VIII
Dimension IX
Jumping Between Different Infinities
Dimension X
All of the Possible Branches for All of the Different Timelines for All of the Possible Universes
Zero Dimension
One of the string theories we looked at proposes that there are these 10 Dimensions.
A single dot in space
In a Nutshell...
Length x Width x Height
Past & Future
Work Cited
Different Infinities
Why does it matter?
Start at 9:06
All of the possible timelines joined to all of the possible endings
Different starting conditions create different infinities

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Promote a better general understanding of the Universe's theoretical dimensions

Explain why the universe's theoretical dimensions could possibly explain the relationship between gravity and quantum physics

Describe how string theory could define the universe
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