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No description

diana molina

on 9 June 2014

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Transcript of Republican

Elected in 1920 on the platform

"return to normalcy"

Supported Women's Suffrage

favored pro-business policies and limited immigration

signed the Budget and Accounting Act of 1921

Teapot Dome Scandal

Stock market crash, Most catastrophic in the U.S. history. (October 29,1929)
Prices of stock market collapsed. Prices doubled in value
Billions of dollars were lost
Investors hoped for stock prices to go up so they were encouraged to keep investing
Prices went back up for a week but continued its decline leading to black Tuesday.
Led to Great Depression.
Women were denied many things during the suffrage movement.
Married woman couldn't own property, and had no legal claim of the money their men earned and no right to vote.
Were only expected to focus on their house work.
For years they struggled for not having the right to vote or have equal rights as men.
19th Amendment
18th Amendment was passed.
Attempt to reform American Society
They banned alcohol for many reasons.
A few people were happy about this Amendment, others were not.
People still had ways to get their alcohol illegally.
Brought in from Canada and Europe.
Saloons were made into "Speakeasies"
Group of people who believed white americans are superior to other people.
Moved in many states to control to gain more power.
Started to target more than just colored people like Catholics, jews, bootleggers and even immigrants.
Rosewood Massacre
Danced to jazz
Silent movies
For Men
For Women
Knitting and quilting
China painting
Wax art
Tell it to sweeny!
Don't take any wooden nickles!
Many gansters ruled large cities.
Chicago was split into 2 main rivals.
George Moran aka bugs- Leader of Northside Irish Gang.
Al Capone aka scarface- Leader of South side Italian Gang.
Been trying to assassinate eachother for years.
Fought eachother for control of smuggling, tried to control the distribution of alcohol.
Animator is Walt Disney
Created in 1928
First episode called Steamboat Willie
Shorter Skirts
Fake Jewelry
colorful fabrics
furry coats and jackets
Pantsuits, hats and canes
gave a sleek look for woman
mens clothes became more classy
rich men wore light color suites
top hats
short suit jackets
black and white shoes
Pro business
Nicknamed silent cal
Cut taxes
League of Nations
Indian Citizenship Act
Kellogg-Briand Pact
Immigration Act of 1924
cream or ivory colored face powder
lips were deep red or bright brownish hues
upper lip was emphasized
dark eyeshadow/ and eyeliner
very thick drawn on eyebrows
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