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the D

No description

Joanna Suchomska

on 5 November 2015

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Transcript of the D

150 years
of Brighton Dome

Our video targets audiences of all age groups
The Dome's history is presented in a creative, quirky way, without being "stuffy"
The video is easy to follow and visually pleasant
How to present 150 years of history in a fun, creative way?
The question we asked ourselves:
...This is what we came up with:
Rather than as a timeline, we should see Brighton Dome's history as a
, its past, present and future linked together.
This cycle can be
worked into the Dome's logo
Our method:
a stop-motion video
creative representations
: various objects and materials used to present stories and events that took place at the Dome

...And some references:
Century 21
The Dome organizes a wide variety of artistic events – in the video, we want to highlight how it offers something for everyone
So much have happened over the last 150 years!
For the video, we've selected stories that we find especially...
...unheard of!
Love conquers all! This story passes warmth and hope to the audience, creating the "awww" reaction
In order to develop this project further, we would like to know more about...
access to the archives
the budget
the most important events from the Dome's latest history
the vision of the future
Thank you!
We believe our project
will benefit the Dome because...
The venue's colorful history is presented in a quirky way, with huge potential to go viral
The Dome's logo is being promoted, which makes it more memorable for the audience
The link between the Dome's past, present and future is emphasized
We know how to effectively communicate with the audience
The history of the Dome is a strong foundation for
the Dome's future
150 years is only a START!
The 'D' represents the cycle
of wonderful history
Referring to musical legends with international fame will evoke positive collective memories in the audience (both the artists' fans and people who attended their concerts at Brighton Dome)
Brighton Dome represents diversity
The secret behind the Indian-inspired design is finally uncovered
The audience sees Brighton Dome from a completely new perspective
An opportunity to be surprised and amazed, learning about things no one would ever imagine happened at the Dome
We've put them together
in a

The construction
The Suffragettes
The hospital for Indian soldiers
The love story
The music legends
The collage of current events
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