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Group 2

on 4 February 2014

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Transcript of Energy

Energy Project by Group 2
A camp fire because the fire provides light. The greater the fire size/power the more radiant energy there is. It also provides thermal energy.
A light bulb is radiant energy because it provides visible light. The light radiates outward.
The ability to cause change.
7 forms of energy
1. Radiant
2. Thermal
3. Nuclear
4. Mechanical
5. Chemical
6. Electrical
7. Sound
The energy carried by light.
The sun is radiant energy because it provides light. You are warmer when you stand in the sunlight than when you are in a shadow because the sun gives off energy that can warm an object. It is an invisible light called "infrared radiation."
The total amount of energy in all of the particles contained in a sample matter.
First, the metal pot touched the hot stove. Then, the thermal energy from the stove transferred to the pot making its particles move faster. Next, the thermal energy from the pot transferred to the water making its particles move faster. Finally, the particles in the water moved so fast that the water began to boil.
A geyser is geothermal energy. The energy is derived from the heat of the earth's core.
Heating up fried chicken in the microwave is thermal energy. The food placed into becomes hot & warms up. Once the cold food hits the microwave the heat from the microwave will transfer to the food.
The energy stored in the nucleus of an atom as a result of the nuclear forces.
The energy associated with the motion of an object
The energy stored that is stored in chemical bonds.
The energy that results from moving changes
The energy given off by a vibrating object.
Stars are nuclear energy. It is an inexhaustible source. Stars operate on nuclear fusion. Nuclear fusion of light elements releases the energy that causes stars to shine.
An atomic bomb is nuclear energy. They depend on fusion. It is released through nuclear fusion.
A nuclear power plant is nuclear, obviously.At the power plant, the fission process is used to generate heat for producing steam, which is used by a turbine to generate electricity.

A flying airplane is mechanical energy. To lift and move the plane forward is using mechanical energy.

Walking & running is mechanical energy. It involves moving.
A car moving is mechanical energy. It is associated with motion.
A candle is chemical energy. The chemical energy is transferred to heat & light energy.
A battery is chemical energy. A battery converts stored chemical energy to electrical energy.
Natural gas is chemical energy. It releases energy in the form of heat & light.
Lightning is electrical energy. The energy in lightning consists of moving electrical charges.
Phones are electrical energy. Chemical in the battery is converted to electrical to power the phone. #teamflipphone
A toaster is electrical energy. The energy transformation in a toaster is electrical to thermal energy.
Potential Energy
The energy stored in an object because of its position. You can calculate it by mass times height. The potential energy is greater if the object is higher. Potential energy is measured as Joules (J). Chemical & nuclear energy are potential.
When the car is at the top of the hill it has potential energy because the car is not moving.
When the girl is holding the ball at the top of the building it has potential energy because it is not moving.
Kinetic Energy
The energy an object has due to its motion. If a object is moving it has kinetic energy. As an object increases the velocity & mass increase, The unit used is Joules (J). To calculate kinetic energy you use one-half mass times velocity squared. Mechanical, radiant, sound, heat, & electrical energy is kinetic.
Riding a roller coaster is kinetic energy. As you ride the roller coaster it moves which is kinetic.
As you ride the bike up & down the hill there is kinetic energy.
Energy Transformations
The process of changing one form of energy to another. When something happens energy changes form.
Police sirens are sound energy.Kinetic energy from the moving air molecules transfers the sound energy to the bandit's eardrums.
If you are playing a song through the car speakers that is sound energy. Kinetic energy from the moving air molecules transfers the sound energy to the listener's eardrums.
Frying certain foods, like fried chicken is sound energy. Cooking friendvchicken is sound energy because you can hear the grease popping.
Sunlight shining on a tree is an energy transformation. Photosynthesis to radiant to chemical.
Coal burning in a furnance of a power plant is an energy transformation. Chemical to radiant to heat to electrical.
A firecracker is an energy transfrmation. Radiant to heat to mechanical to sound to chemical.
Law of Conservation of Energy
It states that energy can change form, but it cannot be created nor destroyed. That means the total amount of energy stays the same.
Renewable Resource
Energy resource that is replenished continually.
Hydroelectricity is renewable because it is replenished continually. It uses the energy of moving water.
Wind energy is renewable. It uses wind to generate electricity. It uses wind turbines.
Solar energy is renewable.Solar energy use the sun's energy and light to provide heat, light, hot water, electricity, and even cooling, for homes, businesses, and industry.
Nonrenewable resource
Energy resource that is used up much faster than it can be replaced.
Coal- used to make plastics and other materials
Oil- used to make plastics and other materials
Natural Gas
Those are fossil fuels. We use them when we ride in a car, turn on a light, or use an electric appliance. The disadvantage is that it takes millions of years to replace them and they cause pollution.
Energy Conservation
Fossil fuels are a vaulable resource. A way to make fossil fuels last longer is to use less energy. Reducing the use of energy is called conserving energy. Turning off lights & appliances will conserve energy.
Keeping doors & windows closed tightly when it's cold or hot to keep heat from leaking out is conserving energy.
If cars were used less & were made more efficient then the use of oil would be reduced.
Recycling materials can help conserve energy.
The transfer of thermal energy from one object to another when the objcets are at different temps.
The average kinetic energy of the individual particles.
Temperature is different from thermal energy because thermal energy is a total & temperature is an average.
Thermal Energy
The total kinetic energy of all the particles in a sample matter.
Heat Transfer
Heat is transferred in 3 ways.
is the transfer of heat in solids & liquids through direct contact.
is the transfer of heat in liquids & gases through convection currents.
is the transfer of heat through electromagnetic waves. Doesn't need matter to travel through.
Heat moves from hot to cold.
Conduction Ex.
Touching a hot stove.
Sitting on a ride at Disney World.
Jumping in a pool.
Convection Ex.
Heating & cooling vents
Hot water boiling
Radiation Ex.
Laying on the sand at the beach with the sun's rays.
Blow Drying your hair
Thanks for watching!
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