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Zach Powdermaker

on 30 March 2014

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Transcript of THE RUNNING MAN

The conflict in the story is Man vs Society. In the story by Stephen King, the main character is named Ben Richards. Ben is a lower class citizen that has to enter a game show which means life or death. He enters the game show and gets sent into the world as an enemy of the state. He fights cops and Game Show Huntsmen in order to survive to help out his friends and family with the money he will get.
by Stephan King

When Ben Richards got into the building and started to get used to the environment and the people that he will be competing against. Also with all the test he had to do before getting into the game to make sure he is physically and mentally prepared for the game.
The rising action of the Running Man I would say it would be when he had twelve hours to hide before the games started. He went around all of Detroit to find his family and friends to say goodbye to them because he thought he was going to die. So he got all of his materials and drew up a plan to stay safe from the police and to stay alive. In this time, he had left Detroit to go to Boston to try to lose the police and the Network Huntsmen.
The climax of the story is when he was in Boston and was hiding in the YMCA. In the YMCA, Ben got ambushed by Boston Police Officers and Game Show Huntsmen. So Ben has been shot and he had nowhere to go. So he made a bomb out of all the materials in the YMCA and blew up the building. Ben escaped the area before the explosion and the explosion killed six men which he actually got more money added to his total at the end by killing men.
The Falling Action was when Ben hijacked a car and took the woman in the car. He used her as like a shield so no one will shoot him or her. It was smart of Ben because he got past all airport security because of her always next to him. Then he got onto an airplane and hijacked the plane as well. Then he took of and flew to Detroit to have revenge on the Network Games.
At the end of The Running Man, Ben took off in the plane he hijacked and flew to Detroit. He was flying the plane while one of the Network huntsmen was on the plane too. Ben fought with the huntsman and got shot. Ben picked up the girl he stole from the car and the huntsman shot her and wounded him again. Ben opened the side hatch to the airplane and threw the huntsman out the window. Then he continued his course to Detroit. As he entered Detroit with the airplane, he saw the Games building stand out with all the others. So then Ben flew strait into the building burning it into the ground.
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