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How Fashion From The 80's Has Changed To Modern Day

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on 19 May 2014

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Transcript of How Fashion From The 80's Has Changed To Modern Day

Female Rappers Salt-n-Pepa
Heavy D and the Boyz rap group
During the 80's a new group came along called "yuppies".
The Yuppies enjoyed being happy when it came to having money and the material things in life.
The Yuppies
Female rappers like Salt and Pepa wore african style caps, gold chains, and athletic jackets to show their sense of stlye.
Female rappers other than Salt and Pepa sometimes wore bodysuits, tights, and even bathing suits underneath oversize jackets or shirts.
Hip-Hop of the 80's
How Fashion From The 80's Has Changed To Modern Day
Jy'sheria Lightner
Ms. Bishop
English III
19 May 2014.

How was it inspired?
80's fashion was inspired by the outfits worn by pop stars like Madonna and characters in hit movies and Television series.
Men during that time found themselves dressing like the famous actor, Don Johnson.
How fashion was inspired
During the 80's, the Hip-Hop fashion world was finding a new style as well.
The Hip-Hop culture of the 80's had its roots in rap music.
They started creating new ways to dress as well styling or cutting their hair.
Members of the Rap group Heavy D and the Boyz sported Hip-Hop hair styles.
They wore the "fade cuts" with designs at the bottom.
Hip-Hop rappers shaved nicknames and symbols in the back of their hair to go with the "fades" they had.
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