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Urban Sprawl in Manila, Philippines

No description

David Cariaso

on 19 September 2013

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Transcript of Urban Sprawl in Manila, Philippines

Urban Sprawl in Manila, Philippines
Solutions? (so far.)
What do I think?
After decades of deforestation, 3% of which is left of the original cover, forests continue to be under threat of agriculture, urbanization, and forest fires. Because of the forest loss in the Philippines, it’s been causing soil erosion and threatening the country’s rich biodiversity.
About 10% of sewage in the Philippines is treated or disposed of properly; the rest goes back to the nature—usually back into the sea. With poor waste treatment and high population growth, water pollution is a problem for the country’s groundwater, rivers, lakes, and coastal areas.
Overfishing and destructive fishing
According to the Asian Development Bank, there has been a drop of 90% in quantity of marine organisms that can be fished in some traditional fishing areas of the Philippines.
Solution to deforestation?
Many people have made their own organization to make of the deforestation and have gone out to treat the forests. Either putting out the fires or planting trees back, they're still contributing.
Solution to pollution?
Many people have resolved to start cleaning the waters and lessen on wasting things, and instead they've been getting creative and recycling/reusing things that people would normally throw out.
Solution to overfishing and destructive fishing?
The WWF is currently working to make fisheries sustainable for the marine life. They've been creating and expanding the marine protected areas.
What do you think?
So far, those are the solutions that people have thought off to make the city and the country a better place. But I'm pretty sure that there are still many ideas that could help in many different ways.
Here's some ideas:
Wildlife Sanctuaries
Water Management
Commercial Forest Plantation
Here's some ideas:
Come together as one to plant a tree.
Treat/Dispose of the sewage and garbage properly.
Have a "Clean Up Day" event, where mostly all citizens would participate to clean up their towns.
There are many issues that can’t be fixed, because the government are liars and pocket the tax money instead of using it for the people. There’s overfishing, so people come home now with little amounts of fish to feed or sell. There’s pollution, only 10% of the sewage in the Philippines are being treated or disposed of properly. So there’s pollution in nature and the waters. Then there is deforestation, with more people coming in to live, people are taking space for houses and buildings. As of now, forests continue to be under threat of agriculture, urbanization, and forest fires.
If we want to we can reverse most of the destruction. In some situations it might only take a decade, in other situations it might take many centuries. Yet in the end we can have productive and healthy oceans again as is shown in many examples around the world. We do however need to act on it now, before we cross the point of no return.
Overfishing and destructive fishing?
Here's some ideas:
Safe catch limits
Monitoring and Enforcement
Protection of pristine and important habitats
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