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Madi ,Hannah,and Kristen Europe 5D

No description

theresa Sauer

on 27 October 2014

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Transcript of Madi ,Hannah,and Kristen Europe 5D

Madi ,Hannah,and Kristen Europe 5D
food:bread ,meat ,fish ,fruit, and vegetables.TheY use pasta for everything. They eat ice cream called gallto
culture/ food
Tourism is and important job. People work in airlines, restaurants, hotels and shops. They also work in farms.
include works cited (resources used)
excavation throughout Italy.
period,some 200,000 years ago. european people ;the main historic people of non-Indo european heritage include the etruscans,the elymains and sicani in sicily and the prehistoric sarinians.the migrations of indo european peoples into italy probably began about 2000 BC AND CONTOUNED UNTIL IT WAS OVERTHROWN BY THE ROMANS INTHE 3RD
They sometimes had huge celebration and some small festivals that are only found in
From encyclopedia
the politics of Italy is conducted though a parliamentary, democratic
politics /government
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