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Hebe, the godess of youth.

No description

Peyton Lafond

on 28 November 2014

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Transcript of Hebe, the godess of youth.

Hebe The Goddess Of Youth.
Interesting Facts
She granted lolaus ( her husband's friend and nephew) renewed youth for only one day so he could fight Evrytheus. She did lots of generous things for the gods and goddess but their wasn't very much information on this.
The slaves who were freed would take their chains and hang them on her statue. That must mean somthing.
Hebe was the only daughter of Hera that would help her mother. She was also the cupbearer for the Gods and Goddess she would serve them devine nectar and ambrosia that would give them eternal youth. She would also prepare her mothers chariot and when her brother Ares came home from war she would prepare him a warm bath.
Physical Appearance
Hebe would usually be seen in a topless or sleeveless dress and she was sometimes seen with wings. In many photos it was shown that she had bit of a lighter shade of brown hair and she also had very dark eyes.
Important Icons/Symbols Associated With Hebe.
Hebe had two symbols for her. One is a Chalice which is a decorated cup. That was her symbol she filled all the God's chalice with ambrosia. The other symbol is her fountain of youth, Hebe was the Goddess of youth after all. The Fountain of youth is a special fountain that can only be summoned by Hebe. The water that ran inside of it could make any person or god forever young.
Hebe's powers and areas responsibilities.
Hebe could grant eternal youth and like all other Gods she had superhuman strength. Her responsibilities was making sure Hera's chariot was prepared for the goddess and Hebe was also responsible for bathing and drssing Ares when he returned from war.
Information about Hebe's relationship with other Gods/Goddess.
Even though Hebe isn't one of the great well known gods doesn't mean she isn't related to any of them. Hebe's parents are Zeus and Hera, Her siblings are Eileithyia,Eris,Ares,Athena,Apollo,Artemis,Aphrodite,Dionysos,Hermes,Hephaestus,Perseus,Minos,The Muses and The Greens. Her Two children's names are Alexiares and Anicatos and Her husband was Heracles.
Interesting Fact
The name "Hera" comes from Greek word meaning "Youth" and " Prime of life"
Interesting Fact
Hebe was the daughter of Zeus and Hera. However, according to a myth of that time, Hera had been impregnated by eating wild lettuce while having dinner with Greek God Apollo.
Interesting Fact
Hebe was originally from Greece
The Goddess I did for my Greek Mythology project I chose her because she looked interesting to do. I hope you enjoy my Presentation.
That was My Greek Mythology
project on Hebe the Goddess of Youth I hope you enjoyed
Interesting Fact
Hebe's Roman Name Is Juventas
The End
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