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Aussie Prime Ministers

No description

Lilsta 15

on 18 June 2015

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Transcript of Aussie Prime Ministers

By Lily P
John Howard
Malcom Frazer
John Howard was the 25th Prime Minister of Australia.He is the second longest serving Australian Prime Minister.John was a member of the House Of Representatives from 1974 to 2007 representing the Division Bennelong New South Wales. he led the Liberal sided to victory at the 1996 election.his government was re-elected in the 1998,2001 and 2004 elections. Then in 2007 his government was defeated by the Labor Party which was lead by Mr Kevin Rudd.John changed Australia by tightening gun laws,preventing illegal immigration, introducing a code of conduct and also introduced the Northen Territory intervention to protect kids from sexual abuse and neglect.
Malcom Fraser was an Australian Politician who was the 22nd Prime Minister and leader of the Liberal Party from 1975 to 1983. He was also the person who created the SBS channel. He also created the Australian Ethnic Affairs council. In 1972 Malcom retired as the leader and became involved in International relief and humanitarian issues. Then when Tony Abbott won the 2009 election he decided to end his membership with the Liberal Party. Unfortunately on the 20th of March 2015 Malcom sadly past away after a brief illness.Thats how he changed Australia.

Ben Chifley
Friday, June 19, 2015
Vol XCIII, No. 311
Gough Whitlam
Julia Gillard
Gough Whitlam was the 21st Prime Minister of Australia from 1972 to 1975 and then was the leader of the Labor Party from 1967 to 1977.
When Gough was Prime Minister he did many things such as introducing Medicare which was actually our first national health system, established the Department Of Aboriginal Affairs, he visited Indonesia which led him to become the first ever Prime Minister to visit the Peoples Republic of China, he also did not like the anthem ''God Save the Queen" so he asked if he could change it to ''Advance Australian Fair" and not long after it became our national anthem! He also created the Backyard Dunnie and the Septic Tank. Gough Whitlam changed Australia by introducing Medicare, the Aboriginal Affairs department, changing the National Anthem and by not allowing people to drill for oil among the Great Barrier Reef.
Julia Gillard is a former politcian who served as the 27th Prime Minister of Australia and the Labor Party leader from 2010 to 2013. She was the first woman to have BOTH of those positions. Julia became the first female deputy Prime Minister upon Labors win in the 2007 election.But then in 2010 when Kevin Rudd lost the support his party,he then resigned and she became the leader of the Labor Party. But then she lost her leadership with the labor party to Kevin Rudd. How Crazy!
Aussie Prime Ministers
Ben Chifley was the 16th Prime Minister of Australia from 1945 to 1949. He became the leader of the Labor Party and then went on to retain a majority in both House of Parliament at the 1946 election before his government was defeated at the 1949 election. Ben's governments legislation was the establishment of Australian Citizen Ship, the Snowy Mountains scheme, the expansion of of the university education, over-viewing the foundation of the airlines Qantas and TAA and he also established the universal health system.
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