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Biology - 3.03 Mendel

No description

Selena Martinez

on 30 December 2013

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Transcript of Biology - 3.03 Mendel

3.03 Mendel
By; Selena Martinez
Analysis and Conclusion:
1. I think these are the dominant features because in most families when one parent had one of these features, the offspring had that feature as well. The dominant features are: Attached Earlobes, No hair on Knuckles, Widow's Peak, Straight Hair, and No Cleft Chin

2. I only have one recessive feature, and that is big lips. My whole family has a tendency to have big lips .

3. The family I surveyed was my neighbor, which was Family #4. I was interested by my neighbor's family because they all had no hair on their knuckles except for the second offspring. They all had attached earlobes, straight hair, and had no cleft on their chin.

4. The parents had both alleles from their parents but one was dominant in both of them, and when they had offspring, the first generation of alleles showed up in the child. (For example: If a couple were to have black hair and the other had brown hair; and their offspring had brown hair, but does not have black hair. If the offspring married a brown haired person and had a kid of their own. The new offspring would have black hair, which came from the grandparent.

5.I was surprised with the offspring that had a trait that neither the mother nor the father had. I was thinking that the offspring had a grandparent trait, either from the mother parents or from the father's parent.

6.I think it is possible to have a greater number because if all offspring had the same trait as the parents, then I think it would be easy to have a greater number than the dominant.

7. The amount I surveyed was about twenty people, If there is less of a chance of people with different features, But if I surveyed a hundred people most likely the outcome would be way different.
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