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Copy of Untitled Prezi

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Lydia Liang

on 26 September 2012

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Transcript of Copy of Untitled Prezi

INTRODUCTION Thank you for your attention! That Coca-Cola Company is set up in 1892 , general headquarter is set up in USA Qiao Ya Zhou Atlanta at present, is maximal the whole world drink company , the binomial (Coca-Cola row owning the whole world 48% marketplace occupation ratio and the whole world first three big drink is first, Pepsi second, low quantity of heat Coca-Cola third), whose camp in 2001 is collected amounting to 20 , 92 million U. S. dollar, the common stock stockholder's equity is 11 , 351 million U. S. dollar then. But Coca-Cola owns 160 kinds drink brands in 200 countries , also is a maximal the whole world juice drink dealer including that soft drink , motion drink , milk kind drink the product , juice , tea and coffee,before first Coca-Cola of USA row be that the person gets the market share exceeding 40%, Sprite is that the quickest drink , other brand include Berk then grow up, the fruit country and billow. 500+ brands
3500 products 1886 USA 1906 Canada, Cuba,
Panama 1912 Asia: Phillipines Europe:
Paris & Bordeaux 1919 1938 1948 1959 2012 Australia, Austria,
Norway, South Africa Egypt > 100 countries > 200 countries Internationalization Timeline Marketing Strategies creating mystique make everyone can afford it Price Sponsoring 1928 Amsterdam 2012 London Products are everywhere Acquisition cooperation
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