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Ancient Chinese Math!

No description

Danny Phillips

on 18 May 2011

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Transcript of Ancient Chinese Math!

Ancient Chinese Math! By: Danny, Anthony, & Nick:) The Ancient Chinese used symbols to write numbers and math problems. Such as, - =1,
= =2, + =7, )( =8, and l =10. In Ancient China they used oracle bones to write their mathematical sentences. The Chinese invented
the abacus. Which is a mathematical tool. The Ancient Chinese
developed mathematics
slowly because the were
not open to foreign ideas. Mathematics in Ancient China is one of the Liu Yi, or one of the 6 arts. Not much is known about Qin Dynasty mathematics, due to the burning of books and the burying of scholars. Ancient chinese math started at arownd 1100 B.C.E. The 9 chapters on the Mathematical Art is a Chinese mathematics book, its oldest archeological date being 179 A.D., but perhaps as early as 300-200 B.C.E. Several of the chinese mathematic equations were similar or identical to some in the Western world. This shows cultural and knowledgable trade on the Silk Road Many geometric problems were solved by a cut and paste method. Before the invention of paper around 100 A.D., the Chinese wrote on bark or bamboo, so their manuscripts were highly susceptible to decay. Thank You For Your Time! :D
We hope you enjoyed our presentation!
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