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David Carson

Bio and works of David Carson

Otis Collins

on 2 October 2012

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Transcript of David Carson

Born September 8, 1954 in Corpus Christi, Texas
From 1982 to 1987 work as a teacher.
Late 1980's developed his signature style called "dirty" type and non-mainstream photographic techniques.
Art director of Transworld Skateboarding magazine
Professional surfer and rank 9th in the world in 1989
Entrepreneur Salvoador Dali Museum in St. Petersburg "David designed two posters for the
Helvetica movie.
He used the font FRANKLIN GOTHIC.
(very few people got the joke.)" dc designs for portland mercury, Time based art festival. august 2011. Lettering David did for opening of new Quiksilver hdqrtrs in France
May 27, 2010 Carson's first contact with graphic design was based on a two week graphics course, taught by Jackson Boelts at the Univ of Arizona. Carson's pursued his education at San Diego State University and Oregon College of Commercial Art. As part of his graduate degree he went to Switzerland, where he attended a three-week workshop in graphic design. Thereafter, Carson teacher, Hans-Rudolf Lutz will be the person who influence his style in graphic design to earn a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology. Carson claims that his work is "subjective, personal and very self indulgent" Type Designer
Graphic Designer David Carson Subjective Art- pertaining to or characteristic of an individual; personal; individual: a subjective evaluation Personal Self Indulgence Star Trek: Generations SE Students using David Carson techniques Director of films
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