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John Switzer And Joshua Aldahondo

No description

lib hist

on 13 September 2018

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Transcript of John Switzer And Joshua Aldahondo

John Switzer And Joshua Aldahondo
Saving Uncle Sam
Michael A. Monsoor
Monsoor was born in Long Beach, Ca
Monsoor rank was Master at Arms Second Class
George W. Bush gave Monsoor his metal of honor
Monsoor served for 5 years in the navy seals he served during operation iraqi freedom
Monsoor received the medal of honor for conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity at the risk of his own life above and beyond the call of duty as an automatic weapons gunner for the Naval Special Warfare Task Force. While serving in Iraq he was tasked with providing early warning and stand off protection from a rooftop in an insurgent held sector of Ar Ramadi, Iraq. In the early morning Monsoor position was attacked him and his team mates were soon pined down from enemy fire and rpg's. A a enemy for a unknown position threw a grenade the bounced off of his chest, he threw himself on top of the grenade to save his fellow soldiers.
Arthur O. Beyer
Beyer was born in Rock Township IA
Beyer was a Sergeant
Beyer was a tank gunner
Beyer's medal of honor was awarded in august of 1945
Beyer fought in world war 2
He displayed conspicuous gallantry in action. His platoon, in which he was a tank-destroyer gunner, was held up by antitank, machine gun, and rifle fire from enemy troops dug in along a ridge about 200 yards to the front. He then dismounted from his vehicle and began to move to the enemy entrenchment. He risked is life working through a quarter mile of enemy fox holes killing 8 enemies and capturing 16 others
Sacrifice: Monsoor made the greatest sacrifice to save his teammates. He gave his life to save the rest of his team from a grenade.
The characteristic I choose for arthur O Beyer was Valor because He put his life in danger to save survivors and he also ran 250 yards in a heavily guarded field to save survivors and kill some enemies. And all together he saved 18 prisoners.
Monsoor fought in Iraq but Beyer fought in world war 2.
Monsoor received the medal of honor after death but Beyer. received it while still being alive
Beyer was part of the army and Monsoor was part of the navy.
Beyer's rank was a sergeant but Monsoor was a Master at arms second class.
Beyer fought and got the medal of honor while Monsoor sacrificed his life and got the medal of honor.
They both showed characteristics of great americans
They both were willing to sacrifice them selves for their country
Both born in the United States
Both were members of the U.S. armed forces
Both had a silver star

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