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Teachers: the major players in the education process

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Jessica Boyce

on 6 October 2014

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Transcript of Teachers: the major players in the education process

Teachers: the major players in the education process
1. All adults in the school recognize that:

there are differences between teachers
all place high value on having major positive effects on all students
all are vigilant about building expertise
2. The school has convincing evidence that all of its teachers are passionate and inspired.

Five Dimensions of Excellent Teachers
Understand content
guide learning to deep understanding
assess learning and provide feedback
develop self-reliance and motivation for mastery in students
Prove with evidence that they are good teachers
3. The school has a professional development program that:
enhances content knowledge
supports teacher learning by analytical observation and constructive evaluation
helps teachers to figure out ways to give students feedback
attends to students' affective attributes
develops the teacher's ability to influence students' learning
4. The school's professional development aims to help teachers towards:
troubleshooting their own instructional methods
understanding situations as they unfold
being aware of other influencing factors on students
assessing learning
using trial and error in their teaching
demonstrating respect
showing passion for teaching and learning
teaching students to use higher level thinking

Visible Learning -
Checklist for Inspired and Passionate Teaching

5. Professionalism in the school is achieved by teachers and school leaders working together to achieve "visible learning inside".
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