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Military “Superpowers” Re-Cap

No description

Technology Tym

on 8 April 2013

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Transcript of Military “Superpowers” Re-Cap

Latin America The US wanted to contain communism.

What is containment? United States Active Role
in world Affairs The rebuilding and defense (NATO) of Europe to help make the policy of containment happen. The Marshall Plan Help World War II
Enemies U.S. provide military protection and economic ($$$) support for Germany and Japan.

U.S. Wanted to contain USSR. The Wars in Asia Wanted to stop communism spreading, part of the policy of containment.
The Korean War - stalemate
The Vietnam War - communist took over nation Contain communism by isolating Cuba
Supporting pro-American dictators (fwd to image) GHES 5th Grade Military “Superpowers” Re-Cap (Video: 2:50) Middle East U.S. guaranteed the right of Israel to exist
Warned Soviet Union to stay out of disputes in Middle East. (fwd to image) Superpowers U.S. and Soviet Union developed:
nuclear weapons & space technology.
To protect themselves from each other.
Became the world's military
"superpowers." Video: 3:23
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