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Copy of copyright music

No description

Terrence Wright

on 24 April 2015

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Transcript of Copy of copyright music

Copyright of music
copyrighted music
copyrighted music
public domain music
Copyright of sheet music
1. reproduce the music or lyrics
2.distribute the music or lyrics either for free, for no profit, or for profit
3. perform the music or lyrics in public
4.play a recording of the music or lyrics in public--even if you own the CD
5. make a derivative work or arrangement for public use in any form

5 main type cannot do
What is public domain?
sound Recording
no exclusive rights
composers renounce their copyright
arrange, reproduce, perform, record, or publish
proof of public domain

music (covers) license
you tube
remix music
copyright happy birthday song
how to copyright your music
Fair Use
Copyrighted music

-generally lasts for a period of 70 years
-copyright begins automatically once is created, and documented or recorded
provisions of the copyright law
copyrighted materials
Rule of Thumb for Public Domain Music
Published in United States of 1922
Copyright protection
death of the last surviving author
other criteria

composer should include a copyright notice in the first page
-the word or symbol copyright ©
- year of first published
-composer's name
make a copy of the work
post a copy on the internet
make an arrangement of the work
publicly perform the copyrighted music
make a recording of the copyrighted music
3 common exemption
-preformance in classroom of a non profit school or college ( does not apply if the public in invited)

-in a nonprofit institution>
paying an admission fee - not more then the reasonable costs of the producing the proformance -but only for educational, religious, or charitable purpose

-in a course of services at place of worship
is a multi recorded insruments
and combine it into one

one can obtain a copyright of the master recording. (derivative work)

copyright notice for sound recording is
a letter P in a circle
year of first publication of the recording
name of the owner of the copyright in the recording
Copyright advice
compulsory licenses
any other person is entitled to compulsory license to make recordings of the saame musical composition.

is illegal for copyrighted music

creative commons
using copyrighted music in videos
-should not use copyrighted music as a background music for your video (education relevent is acceptable)

-only use it in secure network

-puechased music is only for personal and home use
you will need to get license to sing to the public
even if you brought the music file

If you wan to make a cover, you will have to credit them in the description.
(there is a chance the video will be remove, unless you have license for it)

in youtube they will remove your video if your content is copyrighted

Mildred J. Hill and Patty Smith Hill
The tune was first published in 1893 in the book Song Stories for the Kindergarten.
(Good moring to all)

Working with the Clayton F. Summy Publishing Company, Jessica Hill(another sister) published and copyrighted Happy Birthday in 1935. While the copyright should have expired in 1991, copyright has been extended repeatedly over the last quarter of the twentieth century and the copyright for Happy Birthday is now not due to expire until at least 2030.

The Clayton F. Summy Company is no longer independent, but, through a chain of purchases, the copyright for Happy Birthday To You lies securely in the hands of the Time Warner company. Happy Birthday's copyright is licensed and enforced by ASCAP, and the simple little ditty brings in more than USD $2 million in annual royalties.
music copyright and the law
royalty free music
What is royalty free music?
no additional fees to pay and can be used again and again
production music had to be licensed
simple way to make licensing

Derivative Work
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