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Students should be allowed to eat snacks in class.

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Fallon Foster

on 2 May 2014

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Transcript of Students should be allowed to eat snacks in class.

Students should be allowed to eat snacks in class.
By Rachel, Fallon, and Christian
When students don't get to eat in class:
The focus is turned to the thoughts of wondering when your next meal will be instead of focusing on the content of the class
Students with special dietary needs that may not fit the standards of special treatment can get the nutrients they need
Video representation
This represents a student who has fallen asleep in class from lack of energy and a teacher trying to wake him up.
When students get to eat in class:
They are more attentive
they get the nutrients they need to help themselves
Brain food
Video representation:
This video represents student with energy being focused and demostrating other good qualities that come with eating in class
Why students should be allowed to eat in class:
The time we have for lunch is 25 minutes including a passing period and the 10 to 15 sometimes 20 minute line so that leaves a most 15 minutes for lunch
School starts at 7:30 and with such an early time comes the fact that most students end up skipping one of the most important meals of the day
In conclusion..
students need to be able to eat in class and we should change this rule as soon as possible
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