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Bud Not Buddy Plot!

Hi this is my prezi! Hi Mrs.

Denica Yeo

on 1 June 2013

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Transcript of Bud Not Buddy Plot!

By: Denica and Dylan By: Denica & Dylan Plot Main Idea The main idea of the book is about a ten year old boy name Bud. His mother died and he was left into an orphanage. Using his street smarts, Bud is on a quest to find his father, who he thinks is Herman E. Calloway using the clues left behind his mother. It is also about finding a parental figure slowly as the book progresses. Complications This book is about a child in search of his father based on misleading evidence--flyers and memories of a mother who died when he was six. Other problems are finding his own identity as a self-defining musician, resilient problem solver, family member, and budding author. He navigates adoption, foster parents, loss of mother, geographic distances and travel in search of the dad he never finds. Sequence A sequence is an series of events which makes the story move along. We believe that the one of the events is when Bud receives the news that he has a new family. Another one is meeting up with Bugs, when they were in Hooverville and of course meeting Lefty Lewis and etc. Climax Bud Not Buddy's climax is when Bud finds out that Herman E. Calloway is actually his grandfather not his actual father. I had no clue that was going to happen.This was a major surprise to us and led us to believe this whole event was created just to surprise the reader!Bah....writers! How does these elements affect the book
Overall? The climax, sequence, complications and main ideas affect the book by helping the the story develop and move. As well the complication assist the reader in being more drawn into the story.The main idea starts the story. Overall these little facts can affect even the slightest detail! Exposition Bud is a 10 year old boy who is an orphan. Living in a home, Bud wonders who his father is and goes on a search for him. Initiating Conflict Bud discovers that he wants a real supporting family then the Amos, who imprison him in "The Shed" for something Bud didn't do. Rising Action 1 Rising Action 2 Rising Action 3 Rising Action 4 Climax Falling Action 1 Falling Action 2 Resolution The events leading up to the climax are Lefty Lewis taking Bud to Flint than to Grand Rapids. This helps develop the story by making the text flow. As well as not wasting more chapters on finding out how to make Bud travel to Grand Rapids. Then there was Bud meeting Herman E. Calloway and the Dusty Devastators. We were so excited because the atmosphere of tense which made it interesting. This as well helps the story to develop. After that, was Bud meeting the band and becoming part of the it. By doing so... It makes Bud feel that he is excepted. As if he was in a real family. Bud Not Buddy's climax is Bud and finding out that Herman is his grandfather. This was a big surprise and a major plot twist. We know that this is the Climax because it is the most interesting part of the whole book. After Bud and Herman found out they were related, there was a lot of tears coming from Herman because he was estranged from his daughter before she fled.He never got the chance to see his daughter ever again. After finding out about Bud, Herman E. Calloway went into full depression. We think that the final falling action is when Herman finally lets go of the past and starts to accept Bud...if not willing to co-exist with him. Don't be afraid of who you are and In the end,Herman E. Calloway is at peace with Bud and the band and Miss Thomas accepts Bud as one of their own. So, finally,Bud has a family.During the whole journey of this fantastic book it symbolizes how

Don't let obstacles let you down You shouldn't judge people by skin When Bud stepped through the doors of Grand Calloway Station is rising action 2.
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