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Beyonce: Musician, Business Women, and Philanthropist

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Rachel Prude

on 21 February 2012

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Transcript of Beyonce: Musician, Business Women, and Philanthropist

Becoming A Star Beyonce:Musician, Business Women, and Philanthropist From Childhood to Destiny's Child Name: Beyonce Giselle Knolwes
Birthday: Sept 4th 1891
Birthplace: Houston ,Texas
Place where others discovered her talents: St. Mary's Elementary school
Destiny's Child's Group Chart created a successful girl's R& B goup who acquired many worldwide fans and produced many worldwide hits. Jumpin'
Bills, Bills, Bills
Independent Woman
Say my Name
Bootylicious Going Solo managed to build a successful solo career influencing, inspiring ,and capturing many fans worldwide. has multimillion dollar spokesperson contracts with profitable companies, a clothing line, a fragrence line, and an acting career. Beyonce's Business Beyonce's Compassion Once it’s in your heart to give, you’ll have to follow through. I am a happy woman—very happy—because I know that I’ve worked hard, and I love being able to give back.” - Beyonce

Beyonce's Fun Facts The word “bootylicious” was added to The Oxford Dictionary because her song of the same name became a phenomenon. Beyonce Knowles’ bodyguard once broke her toe after standing on it, while trying to protect her from a crowd of rowdy fans. Bey is obsessed with the #4. Her birthday is Sept. 4th. Her husband Jay-Z’s birthday is Dec. 4th and they got married on April 4th, 2008 ,her fourth ablum is entitled "4" and her daughters name is Ivy (4 in Roman numerals) She is a genuinely quiet and shy person. Beyonce's World-wide Influence Beyonce's Legacy Work Cited Works Cited
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All pictures can be found on google images; videos from Youtube.com Not only is Beyonce , but she has also impacted the world through her knowledgable
and her generous . Thesis Statement
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