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Gods and Goddesses of War.

Language arts project.

Andrew Nealon

on 25 October 2012

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Transcript of Gods and Goddesses of War.

By: Andrew Nealon War Gods and Goddesses Greek God Ares Ares is the war god of greek culture. He was not well trusted by the greeks. Sparta was one of the few ares in Greece that actually worshiped him. Ares is described as a strong young man who was in full battle gear. Although ares was hated in most greek places, he had the power to give courage and was said to be the savior of cities. Ares is most famous for his love of the goddess Aphrodite. Egyptian God Anhur Anhur was the war god of Egypt. He was worshiped in areas like Abydos and Thinis. Anhur was named the slayer of enemies. He was described with a beard, robe, and has a spear in his hands. He was the patron of the Egyptian army. He was also the personification of royal warriors. Through out the period of egyptian mythology anhur had many names like Savior, Horus, and Shu. Kibuka War God Kibuka is the god of the african war tribe Buganda of East Africa. Kibuka was in many battles while he was alive.The king of the tribe asked the mighty god Mukasa for help in a war and he gave them Kibuka. Kibuka was a very good archer and usually battled from the cluds where the enemy could not see him. The god Mukasa warned Kibuka not to get involved with the enemy women. He did this and the women told her leader where Kibuka hid in the clouds. The next day the archers of the enemy shot up into the clouds and killed Kibuka. Huitzilopochtli War God Huitzilopochtli was the war god in Aztec culture. He was
one of the most important gods in the culture. He led the Aztecs from there homeland to central Mexico. He would appear in the dreams of priest and tell them event that could happen in the future. The temple of Tenochtitlan is dedicated to this god. He is portrayed with a dark face, fully armed with a snake scepter. The month of December is dedicated to Huitzilopochtli. During this time festivals go around all month.
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