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Civil Rights Era

No description

Michael Faulk

on 11 May 2010

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Transcript of Civil Rights Era

Strategies Freedom Rides Freedome rides were rides on buses to the segregated southern parts of america to encourage the civil rights movement. March on washington In March 1963, Dr. Martin Luther King Began a March on Wosjhington along with 250,000 other people to promote civil rights and economic equality for African Americans. Freedom Summer A highly publicized movement in the south to register African Americans to vote during the summer of 1964. During the summer of 1964, thousands of civil rights activists from the north went to Mississippi and other southern states to help African Americans win their right to vote. Montgomery Bus Boycott On December 1, 1955,
Rosa Parks, an African American, was arrested for not standing and letting a white bus rider take her seat. It was a rule at the time that African Americans had to sit at the back of the bus and let a white preson take their seat. And after Rosa Parks was arrested it inspired Many African Americans to want to end segregation on buses so they stopped riding buses and buses soon run empty. Then after 381 days, on November 13th the surpreme Court declared that segregation on buses were illegal.
People Thurgood Marshall Martin Luther King Jr. Malcom X Civil rights leader who used peace to
solve conflicts. Civil rights leader who used violence
to solve conflicts. Rosa Parks Arrested for not moving and letting a white
person take her seat. Inspired many to form
the bus boycott American jurist and the first African American to
serve on the supreme court of the United States. Organizations Black Panthers KKK Nation of Islam NAACP Events Brown vs. Board of Education Civil Rights Act of 1964 Voting Rights Act of 1965 Little Rock Nine
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