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Bookworm #3 Presentation on "The Maze Runner" by James Dashner

No description

Shawn Azzu

on 21 March 2013

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Transcript of Bookworm #3 Presentation on "The Maze Runner" by James Dashner

Prepare to Enter
The Maze Storyline Where: The Glade, the Maze, located on Earth

When: In the near future, about 40 years, 2050

How Setting Affects the Story: If the setting was in the past Wicked would not be able to create the Maze
or the Glade so we would have a story and there
would be no moral without a story Characters Universal Truth
Supporting Arguments Bookworm #3 Presentation:
"The Maze Runner"
Elements of the Story Presentation
#2 Shawn Azzu 8th 4 Elements of the Story Introduction to Characters and Setting Thomas came up from the elevator shaft
The Gladers lifted him up using a rope
A boy told him "Welcome to the Glade"
A dark boy named Alby (the leader) told the other Gladers to stop talking
Thomas asked a question right away and Alby got furious
Newt introduced himself to Thomas
Alby explained what the Glade was and that they were Gladers
Newt brought Chuck over to Thomas, who was going to show Thomas around
Thomas saw Ben go through the change Introduction to Conflict While Alby was showing Thomas around the elevator bell rang, another newbie was coming
When the elevator came up the person inside was unconscious, she was the first girl at the Glade, and the last newbie, a note in her hand explained
Thomas went into the Maze trying to save Alby and Minho and the doors closed
Alby had been stung by a griever
Minho and Thomas are chased by grievers but are able to divert them off of a cliff and they survive the night in the Maze(they are the first) Rising Action Climax Thomas told the Keepers that he and Teresa were part of creating the Maze and the Glade used to test the subjects within it
Thomas devised a plan to get the Gladers out and confront the Creators
They carried out Thomas's plan which, was to go into the griever hole and type the codes into the computer but to get to the computer they had to fight their way through grievers
Fourty-One Gladers went, only Twenty-one survived
After pushing the final key the Maze and everything in it was shut off and a door was opened that led to a slide
They all went down the slide and there they met the Creators Resolution A woman came out to talk to the Gladers, she told them that she was surprised that not so many did not die, the Gladers were shocked she said this
Gally surprisingly showed up(He was the first taken by a griever)
Gally pulled a knife and killed Chuck
A secret agent group, "out to stop Wicked", came and rescued the Gladers and took them to a secret location so they could be safe
A member of the group sends out a letter saying that she was surprised to collect such a vast number of kids that never gave up and that they were ready to begin stage two of their opperation Argument #1 Argument #2 Argument #3 Universal Truth Moral:
Never lose hope Setting Book Citation: Dashner, James. The Maze Runner Bk.1. NY: Random House, 2009. Print. Why/How:
Because anything is possible I Recommend that others read this book! "Your telling me... no chance..." Page114
"Thomas pushed aside the swelling panic and set himself to work" Page 122 Alby, Newt, and Minho explain how they came into the Glade crying, scared, and ready to give up
Thomas realized that the Gladers were able to create a civilization because they never gave up hope in survival

The Gladers were saved by their passion to keep and hop and to strive to survive and not give up on that

"The fact that the Gladers hadn't given up said more about these people than anything else." Page 147
Wicked kept there hopes up while looking for kids to help save the world and their hope brought them the current Gladers, they could have quit but did not

"By any... We are all aware of what's at stake. I, for one, am encouraged...tomorrow, then" Pages 373-374 Thomas got in trouble for breaking the rules but only had to serve one night in the Slammer
Teresa began to speak with Thomas telepathically
Teresa told Thomas that she triggered "The Ending"
The next morning the sky turned gray and there was no sun, the supply box broke, and the maze did not move
Thomas and Minho found a griever hole in the Maze
Teresa tells Thomas that the Maze is a code(she is still unconscious)
Teresa wakes up
Thomas, Minho, Newt and Teresa solve the code; float, catch, bleed, death, stiff, and push
After a kid had been taken by the grievers, which happened once a night since Teresa triggered the ending, Thomas went and got himself stung by a griever
Thomas goes through "the change" and begins to remember things that he could not before Thomas realized that the Gladers were very special because they did not give up even under the worst circumstances Thomas Tall, Skinny, Fit, Muscular

Beginning: Curious:"Who sent me here" Page 9
Caring: "Thomas...set to work."Page 122
Risky: "At the last second before collision...dove to the right" Page 134

In the End: Knowledgeable: "Don't worry...I did it on purpose..." Page 296
Careful: "Okay then...Hold Teresa's hand... act brave." Page 337 Teresa Chuck Chubby, short, young

Beginning: Annoying: "Shut up, Chuck..." Page 76
Friendly: "Chuck had to drag Thomas... to the dressing rooms." Page 76
In the End: Calmed/Scared: "Chuck did as he was told... not saying a word...first time in his life." Page 337
Loving: "Then... Chuck was there, diving in front of him." Page 356
Smart/helpful: "You did it... the puzzle." Page 347 Hot/Beautiful, skinny, fifteen years old

In the Beginning: Silent: "Still in a coma...for now." Page 77
In the End: Talkative: "Teresa" Page 183
Helpful: "I'll stay and help Newt" Page 279 So What?: If you keep hope you can continue to strive to achieve your goals no matter how high you set it because you will have the passion to do it What caused the change: Theresa coming to the Glade
Going through "the change" What caused change: Thomas and Chuck began to grow closer as friends
Being scared and realizing his true feelings What caused change: Theresa woke from unconsciousness Behavior Traits: Physical Traits: Behavior Traits: Physical Traits: Behavior Traits: Physical Traits: Quote: How proves U.T: Argument: Quote: How Proves U.T: Argument: How Proves U.T: Quote: Argument: In the beginning: Impatient/Angered easily/Harsh: "But Alby's hand... grabbing Thomas by the shirt..." Page 10
Cranky:"Even someone as cranky as Alby." Page 120

In the end: Considerate: "Thomas... Alby had already made it to the monsters and jumped on top of one." Page 333
Psychotic/Negative: "Yes... Better to die than go home."..."Doesn't matter We'll die no matter what." Page 312 Minho Newt Alby Physical Traits: Behavior Traits: Physical Traits: Behavior Traits: Physical Traits: Behavior Traits: Asian, heavy muscled, thin Dark-skinned, seventeen Blonde; cut long hair, strong, about sixteen, tall, has accent Nice: "Name's Newt... forgive...leader,here." Page 9
Leader: "Can't the... handle that boy without me..." Page 12
Caring: "Alby and Minho... should've come back hours ago" Page 107 Inconsiderate: "How could he leave me here..." Page 119
Negative: "You're telling me we have no chance to live." Page114 What caused change: Alby went through the change and saw the
flare Quote: "He's never been the same since being stung..."
Page 312 How Quote Proves U.T: These quotes show that Minho is giving up and how Thomas is keeping hope and tries to/does survive and ends up helping Alby How Quote Proves U.T: Thomas realizes that by not giving up and keeping hope the Gladers were able to survive and maintain life among themselves How Quote Proves U.T: A member of Wicked sends out a letter that says they have found the correct Gladers and that they are hopeful that they will save them from The Flare Wicked searched for kids with hope to help save them, they keep there hopes up and are able to find some after two years Minho gave up hope and ran from Thomas and Alby, he had a negative attitude saying that they were going to die and there was no hope Thomas keeps his hopes up; he is able to elevate Alby and keep him from getting attacked by grievers, in the end Alby is save and Thomas stays alive along with Minho who did not assist Thomas in saving Alby Minho gave up hope and left the newbie Thomas and Alby to die, he made it clear in his mind that he was going to die so he was ready to give up Thomas keeps his hopes up and is able to save himself and Alby
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