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The Last Book in the Universe

No description

Solange Alamo

on 18 December 2013

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Transcript of The Last Book in the Universe

The Last Book in the Universe
The conflicts in The Last Book in The Universe are man against man, shown when Charly, Spaz's foster father, didn't trust Spaz because he was worried that Bean, Spaz's foster sister, might get his epilepsy, even though epilepsy is not contagious, man against society, shown when Lanaya was tried for bringing Spaz, Ryter, and Bean to Eden, and there is some internal conflict about Bean's "blood sickness" (leukemia).
Rising Action
When Spaz hears about the news that his foster sister, Bean, was dying from her "blood sickness" (leukemia), he sets out to go save her. However, he eventually passes out from his epilepsy, and he was dragged to Ryter's stackbox, and after a small argument, Ryter tags along, and eventually, Little Face comes with them. They sneak into another latch, where they find Lanaya surrounded by an angry mob who wants her for food. Ryter saves her by distracting the mob, getting bitten in the process. They then reach Bean's latch, but the latchboss, Lotti Getts, sends the group on a wild goose chase to find the latch runner, but during their talk with Vida Bleek, the latch's crime boss, they hear a war going on outside of his office. Spaz and the group eventually sneak away, eventually reaching Bean. After a small talk, they decide to bring Bean to Eden, where Lanaya resides.
Spaz renames himself Ryter, and he is writing the book that we are reading with a voicewriter, a device that writes down whatever he speaks. He then gets a message from Lanaya, saying that she believes that everything will be better in Eden, and that they will fix it all in time.
Falling Action
The story mostly takes place in the Urb, a place stricken by poverty, gang warfare, and thieves. This takes place in the future, after "the big shake". Spaz, the protagonist and the narrator, is a fourteen year-old who works for the Bully Bangers. He was sent off to do an errand for them, and that is to "rip off" (rob) Ryter, an elderly man who reads and writes books. As he ripped off Ryter, Spaz meets a five year-old child, Little Face, who does not know how to speak. A little while later, he was sent off to do another errand, and eventually meets Lanaya, a proov (genetically improved) girl that loves adventure. Lanaya gives him a bag of edibles, and Spaz was called to Billy Bizmo's, the boss's, office, and explains to him that interacting with proovs in any way is illegal.
Once Bean was taken to Lanaya's palace, the group find out that she is a Future Master of Eden. One of her contributors (parents), Bree, have taken a liking to Little Face. She gives him food and baths, and teaches him how to speak. Ryter then tells Jin, Lanaya's father, about a growing problem in the Urb concerning mindprobes, a device that plays movies in your head. Ryter states that Eden made the mindprobes since the Urb does not have any technology to make them. Jin, aghast by this, talks to the Masters of Eden about the problem. Bean eventually wakes up, and a few days later, Ryter, Spaz, and Bean were captured and tried for being in Eden, and Lanaya was tried for bringing them to Eden. Despite all her efforts, Bean, Ryter, and Spaz were thrown out of Eden, and Little Face was secretly adopted by Jin and Bree.
Spaz and Ryter then stay at his stackbox (jail cell) for a few hours, and eventually falls asleep. Spaz was awakened by an angry mob a little while later, and finds Ryter in front of said mob. Spaz yells at Ryter to go and run away, but Ryter insisted on staying as the mob roared. Ryter then tells Spaz to save the book that he was writing, but gradually loses the pages as he tried to save the unfinished book. Billy Bizmo then appears, telling Spaz that he is his real father, and that his mother died at his birth, making Spaz run away from him. The angry mob took Ryter, and Spaz looked in horror as he saw Ryter tied up at the waist, and was hooked to a jetbike (motorcycle). Ryter then says that Spaz is the last book in the universe, and he was dragged away, eventually dying. Before Ryter dies, he triggered an epileptic seizure.
The story is about Spaz, a fourteen year-old, who goes on a journey with his friends, Ryter, Little Face, and Lanaya, to save his dying sister, Bean. Along the way, he faces some problems, such as Lotti Getts, who sends them on a wild goose chase, and angry mobs, who tries to eat the group due to their desperation. This book involves heroism, courage, and there is lots of adventure.
by Rodman Philbrick
Prezi by: Solange Alamo
Music: Cid's Theme (Final Fantasy 7) by Nobuo Uematsu
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