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No description

Natalie Heystee

on 15 April 2010

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Transcript of Education

Making Words lesson plan grade level: 2 time required: 40 minutes Materials:
Sams, C., Stoick, J. Stranger in the Woods. Carl R. Sams II & Jean Stoick. 2000.
Index cards
Letter Worksheet
R.WS.02.03 Understand the alphabetic principlethat sounds in words are expressed
by the letters of the alphabet.
R.WS.02.05 Recognize grade 2 frequently encountered words in print automatically whether encountered in connected text or in isolation.
R.WS.02.13 Use context clues, mental pictures, questioning.
Students will be able to:
1.Make connections between the story and the making words activity.
2.Make words with letters given to them using the worksheet
3.Recognize and increase their bank of sight words
introduction First I will show the students the cover of the book, Stranger in the Woods. I will ask them if they know why some letters are red and some are black (red=vowel, black=consonant). I will tell them that we are going to make up words with their letter cards and to get out the letters s-n-o-w-f-l-a-k-e. After they get the specific letters out I will tell them that there is one mystery word that uses all 9 letters and that mystery word pertains to the book.
I will ask them to look at the cover and the title of the book and to guess what possible words could be the mystery word.
Procedure I will hand out the letters worksheet and ask the students to get out a pencil.
I will explain to them that we are going make as many words using 2 letters, the progress to 3 letters, 4 letters, 5 letters, 6 letters, 7 letters, 8 letters, and then the 9 letter mystery word.
Once we spend about 20 minutes on making words I will ask the students if they know what the mystery word is, if no one does then I will tell them to think about what it might be as I read the story. Before reading I will prompt questions like, “who do you see on the cover?” and “Why do you think I chose the mystery word that I did?”
Then I will read the story Stranger in the Woods, and at the end I will ask if they now know what the mystery word is. If they don’t I will tell them it is s-n-o-w-f-l-a-k-e.
Closure I will tell the students that I choose the word s-n-o-w-f-l-a-k-e because it relates to the theme of the book which is how the birds and animals react to a snowman appearing in the woods after a winter storm. Then I will ask them if they enjoyed the book and if they could think of any other words that relate to the theme of the book (ex: winter, animals, stranger, snowman).
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