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Leadership Styles

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Zaheer Khan

on 20 December 2012

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Transcript of Leadership Styles

Finally Team Puzzle Team Puzzle -Leadership Styles Leadership Styles The topic that our team is covering in this presentation is leadership styles and the various situations in which they are appropriate for. What is leadership and leadership styles? Alexander Grewal
Abdullah Khan Zaheer Khan
Zainab Durrani Imagine a World without leadership!!!??? Benefits to a business It is the base for daily tasks to be accomplished

The world runs like a business

World leaders can have guidelines

Government organizations can run Leadership is the action of leading a certain amount of people in a group or an organization. it is the state of being in a high position or the leader.

Being a leader requires a special blend of leadership characteristics and leadership styles and skills in order to connect with subordinates

Leadership styles are the various concepts and theories that are included in these leadership styles. They include the correct way to act and manage staff under specific circumstances. Workplaces would have no ambition

No guidelines

One leadership style that does not flex

Lower productivity

Create a non positive work environment Why are leadership styles important? When and Where Any workplace that has a goal or schedule to meet

A level of expectation for achievements

When there are more then one idea being passed around (unite minds) Various Leadership Styles Numerous Styles of Leadership

- From task focused to relations focused

- From strict to lenient

- From frequent to rare Leadership Styles are used everywhere involving a team List of Leadership Styles we are covering:

People Oriented
Task Oriented Laissez-Faire
Servant Theory
Transformational Bureaucratic Leadership Definition/Explanation Leaders who works exactly by book

Follow rules and a plan

Works rigorously and ensures that everyone follows the procedure

In other words they are similar to strict parents Pros and cons Job consists of hierarchy system in which manager says and workers due precisely
Ensures no mistakes as everything done by book
Due to strictness and following of procedure, it causes no motivation or innovation
No ideas can be implemented, only orders may be followed Jobs that consist of high pressure to not fail
Any job that need precise measurements and orders to follow The Best Work Setting People Oriented Leadership Video explaining People Oriented Leadership Transactional leadership The video will explain this topic Affiliative Leadership “People first, Tasks second” type of attitude
Builds strong relations with employees through encouragement, positive feedback, and praise Joe Torre
- Ex-Manager of the NY Yankees
- Built very positive relationships with the players
- Brought Team Harmony in the Yankees Low morale
High turnover rate
Cons Similar to Autocratic
Lack of creativity Cons: Able to create and maintain standards for performance
Ensures deadlines are met
High levels of productivity and quality Pros: Definition/Explanation:
Focus strictly on getting the job done
Tasks are their #1 Priority above employee relations Task Orientated Leadership THERE IS NO PERFECT LEADERSHIP STYLE
Every style has its advantages and disadvantages
Leadership Styles used to increase quality while decreasing conflict Conclusion Work Setting
Best suited for structured work environments
High productivity, quality, and less creativity is required
Ex. Law Enforcement work, and Manufacturing Assemblies Task Oriented Leadership This leader allows his followers make all the decisions
“do what you want” attitude
Shows little concern

Advantage: Team members gain confidence within themselves which leads to high job satisfaction

Disadvantage: It can destroy a business if employees lack knowledge, skills, or motivation

Best for organizations where deadlines are not given importance

ex: Thomas Jefferson because he believed governments should have little interference Laissez-Faire Leadership Video explaining democratic leadership
Link: Democratic Leadership Video explaining autocratic leadership
Link: Autocratic Leadership Leadership style which describes that all good leaders are servants

Always assist others first

Advantage: contribution to organizational development

Disadvantage: servant leaders become too focused on the needs of others.

Good for past paced organizations

Mahatma Ghandi was a servant leader Servant Theory Coercive Leaders are demanding and want their workers to agree with all of his/her orders.

There are consequences if demands are not followed

Advantage: They know how to give the right orders
Disadvantage: Negative impact on the environment

Good for organizations that need orders

Adolph Hitler was a coercive leader Coercive Leadership We will be playing 3 sets of games
Charades game
Matching game
Bonus game
Teams will be divided into BOH Groups
The Team that WINS will get a GRAND PRIZE
What is it? ...Surprise! Games Overview Team after Team
One team member comes up to act out a leadership style
Person acting out is allowed to talk but not say anything on the card given
1 minute time limit each
15pts + pts awarded based on time left Charades Game All Team Members involved
Each team attend a desk with an envelope
1st – 50pts, 2nd – 25 pts, 3rd – 10 pts
Name of Leadership Style
Pros & Cons Matching Cards Game One Question
WRONG Answer or NO Answer and YOUR TEAM LOSES
Send a team member up to represent your team
NO shouting answers Bonus Game (Optional) What is the best type of leadership style, explain why? Must have a valid reason. Bonus Game Question Thank you for your time... Affiliative Leader Charades Game Leadership Styles Bureaucratic


Task Orientated



Path Goal Theory Laissez-Faire

People Orientated


Servant Theory


Democratic Leads people in an inspirational way rather than by force

Motivation is key

Advantage: generates a positive self motivated working environment

Disadvantage: relied mostly on the ability of the leader

Best suited for bankrupted organization

Famous leader: Martin Luther King Jr. Transformational Leadership He demonstrated Transactional, Autocratic, and many other types of leadership styles. He was a soldier, artist, politician, and dictator. Adolf Hitler Makarov demonstrates Autocratic Leadership through his position as leader of the Ultranationalist group gaining control of the U.S.S.R. Vladimir Makarov She was a Democratic Leader. She was a woman’s rights activist and the first female judge in Canada and the first woman to hold a position in the British Empire. Some Famous Leaders Emily Murphy He displays Transformational Leadership and he was an American entrepreneur, entertainer, producer, film director, screenwriter, voice actor, animator, the creator of Mickey Mouse, and much more.
Walter Elias "Walt" Disney
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