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Christopher Columbus

No description

Jessica Marshall

on 29 January 2014

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Transcript of Christopher Columbus

Christopher Columbus
By: Ben Marshall
Christopher Columbus
was born
October 31, 1451

He died
May 20, 1506
(age 54)

He had two boys: Diego and Ferdinand.

He had three brothers: Giovanni, Giacomo
and Bartholomew
He had one sister: Bianchinetta

His wife: Filipa Moniz
Family / Friends
First voyage
He left for his first voyage on August 12, 1492.
He took 3 boats the Nina, Pinta and Santa Maria. He tried looking for a shortcut to China
(Indies) but insted he found new land (America).

Second Voyage
On September 24, 1493
he carried 1200 men with seventeen ships.
He saw a new island that is now the Dominican.
He also found a chain of the virgin islands.
which he named Islas De Santa.

Third Voyage
On May 30, 1498 Columbus left Spain with six ships to go to the new world. He saw Tobago
which he named Bella Forma.
Forth Voyage
On April 2 1502 Columbus set off for his fourth and
and final voyage. On May 10, 1503 he saw the Cayman Islands naming them Las Tortugas.
First voyage continued
He saw land on October 12, 1492. He met people on the land and thought he was in India so he called them Indians but really he was talking to native
americans. He also went to see other islands in
the Caribbeans. They only came back with two ships
though the Santa Maria was wrecked of the coast of
hispaniola. 43 men had to make a out post.
Palos, Spain
His Voyages
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