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Prezi vs Powerpoint

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Jeanette Shepherd

on 3 October 2012

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Transcript of Prezi vs Powerpoint

Prezi vs Powerpoint
A literature review According to the 2003 National Survey of Non-profit and Voluntary Organisations there was 161,000 non-profit organisations in Canada (Imagine Canada, 2006).

Non-profits are competing for funding, supporters and awareness with thousands of other non-profit organisations (White, 2010), so they need to be able to deliver clear and effective messages to the public and also their supporters (Wicks, n.d.).

Presentation software, such as Powerpoint and Prezi, are therefore vital in the communication process for the non-profit sector.

Non-profits & messaging Prezi is a web based presentation tool using a map layout and zooming to show contextual relationships (Wicks, 2011).

What are they? Prezi
- Can show the bigger picture & also relationships between things
- Holding attention through the dynamic navigation
- Linear and non-linear presentations
- Supports creativity: story is created by arranging & connecting elements on a canvas
- Can be shared with others
- Access online and on local computer
- Can produce content/presentation of any size

The features & benefits
of Prezi & Powerpoint Prezi and Powerpoint both have many benefits and negatives for non-profit organisations.

However, it is vital to understand that neither of these presentation softwares will be effective if you don't:

Knowing your needs Powerpoint - Many possibilities for slide designs and templates
- Easy to print handouts
- Structure style of slides suits multiple learning styles
- Ease of use
- Extra information can be hidden in slides
- Easier to provide consistent branding

Jones (2003)
Perrin & Stearns (2010)
White (2011) What are people saying about these
two presentation softwares?

“All  the  whizzing  might  be  distracting  for  someone  who  wants  to  get  a  message  across,” (Adria, 2009, par.2) Negatives POWERPOINT
“More  often,  clear-thinking, articulate people who use PowerPoint are transformed into muddied, monotonous speakers who shoehorn their thoughts into bullet points  and  anesthetize  audiences  with  their  slideshows,” (Harris, 2004, p. 50)
Powerpoint vs Prezi
- No within frame animation
- If users don't have a good understanding of design, file types and navigating websites, Prezi may be confusing (Perron & Stearns, 2010)
- May encounter problems uploading Prezi if system is out of date
- Subscription based, so not all free free
- Requires access to internet “The most important skill for almost everyone in the next decade and beyond will be the ability to create valuable, compelling, and empowering information and experiences for others,” (Jacobson, 2000, p. 267).
Powerpoint is a Microsoft Office product that provides users with an interface to design multimedia slides to be displayed on a projection system or personal computer (Russell, n.d.)
- Requires things to fit on a slide
- Not visually dynamic
- Technical difficulties, such as losing the resolution of graphics
- Can create bulky files
- Only follows a linear structure

While there are many positives for Prezi, people are still mainly using Powerpoint, and are more satisfied with it than Prezi (Cvet, 2012).

This is most likely tied to the fact that Prezi takes people out of their comfort zone. White (2010) found that familiarity plays a role in acceptance, and as such familiarity is still a major challenge for Prezi. - understand different learning styles
- know your audience
- have a back-up plan for if things go wrong
- have quality, accurate and interesting content
- plan the structure and flow of your presentation
- feel comfortable using the chosen presentation software
- have a passion for and knowledge of what you are discussing

Prezi allows people to create professional, dynamic and creative presentations that can help inspire and motivate people to become involved in their cause. It also provides online sharing, which supports collaboration in and between non-profits. Prezi, however, also requires access to the internet, which smaller non-profits in developing countries (for one example) may not have. Also, Prezi may be intimidating for some of the people non-profits represents if the have had less access to technology.

Powerpoint provides a presentation software that is well known and used across the world, which means non-profits' constituencies are most likely comfortable using and receiving information from it. It is also more appropriate in countries where their access to internet and quality software and hardware is limited. However, since it only supports linear navigation it isn't as capable in visually representing the complexities of many non-profits, and multi-layered problems they are often addressing. Implication for non-profits Non-profits need to effectively communicate information to a range of stakeholders: funding bodies, donors, media, volunteers, staff, government etc. Therefore, content needs to be clear and engaging, and appropriate to the target audience.
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References Blume (2012)
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