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Mountain Bike Mass Production

Billy Bob

Billy Bob

on 27 April 2011

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Transcript of Mountain Bike Mass Production

Mountain Bike Mass Production The original bike was first built in 1817 by Karl Von Drais But mountain bikes became popular in the 1970's The raw materials that go into a mountain bikes are Aluminum Alloys for a light less expensive frame Composite materials for a light more expensive frame Titanium for a high quality frame for a high cost Rubber for grips on handle bars Plastic for break cable coverings Mountain bikes can be built by robots or humans Large company use more robots to build and weld the frames but use humans to assemble all the parts together Smaller companies use humans with the help of machines to bulid there bikes Robots may be faster but with speed comes greneralization with a one size trys to fit all bike But when humans build them they become more custom and more people friendly Most lower end bikes are made in China With most higher end bikes are made in Taiwan But some smaller and more specific companies build there bikes in America Canada or Europe The only break in that is most carbon fiber bikes are made in China Most mountain bikes start there life a sheets of metal Next the metal gets put into a press to make it a tube shape Next those tubes get put into a stand to see if they will fit together as a frame Next the tubes are welded into a frame first they weld up the center of the tube to make them a pipe then the pipes are welded together After they are welded they will be painted first with a primer then with a top coat Once the paint dries the bike will be assembled with gears, peddles seats, wheels, handle bars, breaks, and brand logos Finally after it is assembled it is broken down boxed an then shipped to dealers to be sold
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