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The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind

No description

Chris Skaggs

on 12 April 2016

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Transcript of The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind

-Theme is to chase your dreams and to never let them go reguardless of life's difficulties.
-The author chases and fuffills his dream despite his family's poverty and his lack of equipment.
-The author goes forward with his dream even though his dream even though others think its foolish.
- “If you want to make it, all you have to do is try.” ~ William Kamkwamba
Point of View
-First person
-Perspective of William Kamkwamba, a child in Africa
-Its told through William retelling his story of how he created his windmill

-“I try, and I made it!” ~William Kamkwamba
-The tone helped portray main character's view.
-Generally William speaks with a curious tone, as if he wants to learn all the knowledge in the world.
-“Before I discovered the miracles of science, magic ruled the world.” (Kamkwamba 3)

-The author brings a generally optamistic and determined feeling due to the innovative and inspired tone of the main character.
-“Whatever you want to do, if you do it with all your heart, it will happen.” (Kamkwamba)

Character Elements
William's father
William himself
William's friend, Gilbert
The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind
Literary Devices
Broader Significance
Strengths & Weaknesses
-Autobiography, so the author is the main character.
-Story takes place in an African nation where America is giving help.
-Malawi is still a developing nation with a poor economy.
- “I went to sleep dreaming of Malawi," ~William Kambwamba
Young boy in Dowa Malawi, William Kamkwamba
14 years old
Poor Farmers
No school
William future in mind
Windmills and the making
Producing electricity and water
Dowa, Malawi- Africa
Malawi: 45,745 mi²
Virginia: 42,775 mi²
Low rain fall
Normally not fertile (have to buy)
No electricity
Farming community
-Through the story, the author puts this simultaneously sad and inspirational feel when the reader sees his unforgiving conditions and his determined efforts.
-Reading this book can help bring the reader's attention to sad conditions for some parts of humanity to help make them appreciate parts of their lives.
-Fitting with the main theme, this book inspires the reader to go after their dreams and to not surrender their passions but to rather hold on to them despite life's challenges.
“Don't insult me today just because I'm poor, you don't know what my future holds!” ~ William Kamkwamba

Interesting and current
Worth the read
Dragged on
Lower standards
News Reports of Famine
By William Kamkwamba
William's dog, Khamba
"the rope hadn't budged... a terrible thought suddenly occured to me when Khamba saw me leave he'd given up his will to live" (Kamkwamba 148)
uninterrupted conversations and arguments
"'Fine day Mister Daud'
'Yes fine day'
'Your family'
'Oh fine thank you'
'How much for that dynamo behind you'
'Five hundred'"
Tries to make the right choices
Former alcaholic who became a christian in a town with few of them

"Mister Kabisa then looked into my father's eyes... 'I don't want you to go to prison... but you have to do one thing.'
'Anything,' my father said
' Turn your life over to god'" (Kamkwamba)
Wants to improve the lives of his family and friends
Wants to do the right thing like his father

"'Make it color,' he said,' I want to see color.
'But it's a black and white television,' the other answered...
'Excuse me,' I interrupte,' it's really not the same... my book says so right here'" (Kamkwamba 166)
Helps william when he needs it
Has his own problems
Wants a future but also wants to keep his crazy friend

" at one point we needed more PVC pipe, so without Gilbert's father looking, we dug out the drianage pipe from his shower stall"
William's father
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