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Generation X

No description

Stephanie Kwon

on 11 November 2014

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Transcript of Generation X

Generation X
Group #7
Gillian, Nicole, Patricia, Steph, and Tayler

Who is Generation X?
Born between 1965 - 1980
Between ages 34-49
Celebrity #1
Marc Keilburger
Co-founder of Free the Children
Co-CEO of Me to We
Celebrity #2
Angelina Jolie
Maddox Jolie-Pitt Foundation
Munich Olympics
1973 - Oil Crisis
1980s - AIDS Epidemic
Fall of the Berlin Wall
1989 - Tiananmen Square Protest
Rwandan Genocide
1994 - End of the Apartheid; Nelson Mandela elected President
1997 - Dolly the Sheep
1998 - Monica Lewinsky Scandal
1999 - Columbine High School Massacre
2000 - Y2K
1972 - Watergate Scandal
1986 - Challenger Disaster
1975 - End of the Vietnam War
1988 - Lockerbie Terrorist Bombing
Exxon Valdez Oil Spill
1991 - Rodney King Beating
Collapse of the USSR
You are sitting on a board of directors meeting for a non-profit organization and on your agenda for today is to discuss how to engage and better communicate with generation X. As a team define your target group and create a hypothetical persona using a demographic segmentation chart (pick ~5 factors).

Using your hypothetical persona, evaluate the following:

1) The best method to communicate with this target group
2) How to best engage this group when seeking volunteers
3) How to best tackle stewardship and
4) How to best cultivate generation X donors.

Keep in mind what this target group values both in general and in terms of your organization

Class Activity
Let's Learn More about
Gen X
Demographic Segmentation Chart
List of Organizations
1. Canadian Cancer Society
2. Eva’s initiative
3. Sick Kids Foundation
4. Make - A - Wish Foundation
5. Humane society
6. Free the Children

Example: You work for Breakfast for Learning which is a national non-profit organization that helps empower communities to start and sustain child nutrition programs to enhance learning and healthy development of children and youth.
Target group:
Single mom’s in the Mississauga region.
of Gen X give
of the giving population
Makes up
people in Canada
Support an average of
4.5 charities
Give an average of
average annual gift

Gen X is giving in high numbers and is an important generation to watch
1970 - October Crisis
Discussion Question

Was the class activity an effective method of thinking critically about Generation X, in terms of who they are, how they contribute to the workplace, and their significance as donors?
Discussion Question

Do you agree that events that took place in the world during your formative years affects the type of person you are today?
If so to what extent?
Discussion Question

From what you've learned today, what are some of the biggest defining features of Generation X? What are some creative ways we can appeal to these characteristics in fundraising activities? Share new ideas or great examples you've seen!
Conclusions and Recommendations
Always important to distinguish Gen X as
its own group
Gen X is in a prime time to give -
high potential as donors
Be mindful of the importance of
, and
when engaging Gen X
Be respectful of their
Essential to build

Give Gen X the opportunity to connect with your organization

their own terms
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