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To What Extent Should we embrace Globalization?

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Abby Gemora

on 20 October 2013

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Transcript of To What Extent Should we embrace Globalization?

To What Extent Should we embrace Globalization?

Time Relationship- As a child many different factors are able to shape the identity of an individual. When my dad was my age, what helped shape his identity throughout the years on forward were his daily surroundings such as family and friends. Family were the first connection that my dad had experienced as to being cared for and loved. This has molded him to be the loving and joyful person that he is today and is going to be onwards towards the future. Further as dad said “God has helped shape my identity. He uses authority such as my parents, teachers, etc.) As well as my friends and mentors to teach me right from wrong. I believe that God has instructed these authorities to guide me. God has truly directed me to the right path. He is the one who has formed and made me in to the man I am today.' The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom." My dads relationship with God has influenced him in a positive way through life to have an unshakable hope in the Lord as to sharing his personal experience and connection towards his children.
Time Experience- In the Philippines life for my dad was easy going and a fresh breath of air, he had what he desired. Although one day he knew life at the states would be a greater advantage towards new experiences and future for his growing kids. The move to Canada was a change of a whole new perspective and challenge. His eyes have opened towards different cultural backgrounds and languages that his kids are now able to experience. Canada held many opportunities for my dad to discover new knowledge based on work habits and skill. Although the great experience, the big transition has been an obstacle and challenge as to adapting physically, mentally and socially. Unlike Philippines, Canada holds a greater variety in terms of cultures and ethnicity. As many backgrounds have originated from different parts of the globe, this affects the type of people he sees daily. Since he has to interact with individuals with different backgrounds, this means having to speak English on a regular basis. Through this shared language he is able to make connections in a way that is much more accessible compared to if he had stayed at the Philippines.

Attire- As people we are naturally inclined to dress in a certain way in order to look presentable. While some people prefer to dress in street wear, others dress in ways that can be considered as either completely normal or utterly bizarre. The way people dress can often reflect their personalities and their attitudes towards how they want to be seen in public. In my dads time, he liked to dress in a manner that was both casual and comfortable. By portraying himself in a simple and approachable way, he was able to easily blend in with his surroundings while still looking suitably fashionable. Although this meant that he did not stand out as much, His choice to dress casually portrayed him as a respectable individual.
Religion- As individuals we have our personal values and beliefs. Back then my dad grew up in a Catholic background which led to a positive upbringing. Although his upbringing was greatly influenced by Catholic teachings, His individual growth as a person led him to doubt the system as time went on. Even though his parents raised him with Catholic teachings, he had ideas of his own over how he should worship God. This led him to abandon Catholicism and to find his own way. His belief has influenced his way of thinking as well choices in a beneficial way.

Tradition- We all have an action that is done for a purpose. My dad’s continued action was to pray. Ever since he was young as soon as he wakes up or go to sleep, the idea to pray and thank God for his continued provision and love was not just a priority but faith. Both my parents are always seeking for guidance and assurance. Praying helps them both to relax and regain strength and wisdom. They always had faith and entrusted themselves to God fully. My parents purpose to pray is not to complain nor boast but to receive nourishment and to know God himself.

Relationship to land- The way we interact with our environment these days is a lot more conscious and considerate to the long term impacts of our every-day actions. Back in my dad's day, policies were not as strict or widely practiced. However my dad was raised in a culture that valued cleanliness and organization, so this affected him to be the way he presently is today. Even if his attitude towards cleanliness were not initially driven by a concern for the environment, His upbringing made it easy to transition towards being more environmentally conscious.
The Arts- In the late 1970s the way people would hear music was quite different then how the present generation would. Back then people used record players as radios. The 70’s trend was relaxing and dancing music. Music was what made my dad calm; it affected his emotions in such ways that took him to a peaceful place in his mind. The songs were pleasant and had meaning compared to how music is portrayed now at days. The artists he would listen to included ABBA , The carpenters, Bee Gees, Barrymanilow and more. Music from the 70s truly was the best music of all decades in my dad’s opinion. Songs had soul and significance towards him. Music had many style and had no repetition manner. Each genre portrayed a unique fashion. The themes of songs towards my dad were very uplifting as well as inspirational. The classics inspired him to be his own style and to stop caring about what people thought.
Language- The way we communicate towards others can be the glue that holds affirm a group. Many years ago my dad had learnt as well as spoke many different dialects such as Chabakano, Bicol,Tagalog also English in order to communicate with his business partners as well as customers. These four languages have been an advantage for him as he is able to connect and express himself fully. The way he is able to interact with others socially defines his identity. The dialect can refer to how words are pronounced. As my dad communicates, others may easily detect where he may come from.
Spirituality- In the late 1980’s a dramatic revolution has occurred that made international world news. In three days 3 million Filipinos have filled the streets of Manila city. People have gathered in the main highway known as EDSA to stand against an unjust representative of a 20 year dictatorship and human rights violator. The EDSA revolution had become world famous as no bullets were shot and no bloodshed. Ferdinand Marcos was elected as a just president though over time had changed his priorities into a dictator. Those who had disagreed towards his unjust priorities as leader had been put to jail. Senator Ninoy Aquino was the only opponent that could stand against Marcos. Aquino had then been assassinated. My dad was a part and participated in the relay of protestors on this historical event of his native country towards the dictatorship of the former president Ferdinand Marcos. This event has influenced my dad to have respect to one self and others and as well to maintain his own dignity.

Ideology- Everyone is entitled to a set of belief or in this case a slogan. The one saying that my dad state towards his children as well as daily life is “Never give up, try and see what happens. You never know.” While life passes through, there are many barriers that block our way from succeeding or accomplishing a task. My dad has been in situations that have caught him by surprise that led to upsetting and confusing moments. For example in hard times such as being unemployed, you will feel that brief moment to give up though the moment you rise back up will be the moment you can find the courage to say “I can and will do this.” The purpose of this slogan was to give my dad hope and faith whenever bad times come his way and to always stay positive through hardships.
2 examples that have impacted my dad
Many things are able to impact people directly. For my dad music has a strong impact towards his mood. Music tells a story that is very relatable towards many situations that have happened and could affect and change your mental state. As his children are growing drastically, there are many songs and lyrics as well tune that are relatable and has either placed him in a peaceful or rather sad state. However there are also songs that have made him feel jumpy and happy. In my dad’s opinion, the sound as well mood of music has put him at ease as in relaxed him and removed him away from reality at times. Music was and can be a way out of many situations in his mind. Music had its way of letting my dad find himself through hardships as well joyful times.
Throughout a person’s life there are many memories that either can be disappointing or overly joyful. Memories have no specific time of reminder; whenever we see a scene we can be easily reminded by the past, at times it can hit you in a snap. Memories are able to change a persons mood in a positive also negative way. For my dad memories can be the thoughts in our mind that can either be cherished though sometimes not wanted. Bad experiences are what teach my dad to learn from his past and to evolve the negative remembrance into a healthy and positive state in his mind. Negative memories are what influence him to become a better person as to emerge into an improved being. Moreover positive thoughts are what impact him to be more creative personally, it has boosted his confidence.

Abby Gemora
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