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Act Of Modesty

No description

Fatma talib

on 10 April 2013

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Transcript of Act Of Modesty

Types of hijab and how we are to dress in front of others Act Of Modesty Types of Hijab Hijab Going into details Why do woman wear Hijab? What is Hijab? Hijab is an act of modesty in which girls cover themselves from head to toe except their hand and face whenever they go outside or in front of a male non-relative. Why do we wear it? Why do girls wear a Hijab and go through that difficulty? The answer to this is because Allah wants Muslim women to wear Hijab because its better for them and society as a whole. What is Hayaa? Hayaa can be translated in different ways it can be translated as modesty, shyness, self-respect, and honor. Hayaa can keep Muslims from doing bad thing or behaving bad. Hayaa is a part of faith or Iman. Proper Hijab Is when you wear a Hijab with loose clothing nothing showing except your face and hands. With proper Hijab you my not wear make-up. Improper Hijab Convertible Hijab: The scarf shows half of the hair and her sleeves go up. Make-up Hijab: She wears the Hijab but she also put on a lot of make-up. Pop-corn Hijab: She wears proper or improper Hijab but she behaves in an improper manner. Tight Hijab: She wears a scarf but her clothes are very tight showing her shape. Awrah for Man In public it’s from their navel to their knees. With the same gender it’s from their navel to their knees With the opposite gender if they`re Mahram its navel to knees if its non-mahram its neck to knee. Awrah for Woman With opposite gender if they`re mahram its neck to knees if its Non-Mahram its head to toe. In public it’s from head to toe. With the same gender its navel to knees. Awrah
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