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Unlock the 007 in you: You have 70 seconds!

No description

Maxie Smit

on 12 November 2014

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Transcript of Unlock the 007 in you: You have 70 seconds!

Unlock the 007 in you: You have 70 seconds!
About the campaign:
The ‘unlock the 007 in you’ campaign, developed by Duval Guillaume Modem, focused on anyone buying a Coke Zero at Belgians Antwerp station. When buying a Coke Zero people were challenged to a 70 second dash to another platform in order to claim their free tickets to see the film Skyfall. Obstacles were placed in their way throughout, as there was a running countdown of their allotted time.
How successful was the campaign?
The campaign took a lot of detailed planning.
The clip was made up of:
A detailed orchestration
Ten different cameras
Expert timing
Security details on stand-by to intervene should anything go wrong
A successful experiential campaign should enhance the brands profile, raise product awareness, drive product demand and effectively communicate a brands voice and identity.

Overall 70 people attempted the Bond style mission and the final video showing the successful attempts was published a week before the UK launch of Skyfall.

The video immediately went viral with 5.3 million YouTube views and 44,692 likes in just 7 days. The video now has almost 11 million views on YouTube.
The Coca-Cola Zero brand was breaking company records in terms of online views and engagement.

Coca-Cola has almost 90 million likes on its main Facebook page. The 007 campaign increased their Facebook fan base, gaining the brand over 400,000 more likes.
Negative responses:
There was also some negative feedback from the campaign. The main issue was the fact that people thought it was setup and staged.
"Definitely staged, the health and safety implications of random members of the public running through barking dogs and rolling oranges would have been too much. Also they're all too good looking and clean cut to be real."
'tropicalscot' YouTube user
Within 14 days of the campaign being released, 30,000 tweets were posted about the YouTube video.

Success on social networks:
The hashtag #coke zero 007 quickly became trending.

The video has almost 11 million views in total.
Over 64,000 likes and less than 1,500 dislikes.

The top demographic: Males 35 - 44

Whats the message of the campaign?
The campaign teamed up with James Bond Skyfall to promote not only their film but the brand. Due to a lot of marketing research the brand was able to compare the average target audience of James Bond fans and their brand and see the similarities within these, which were men aged 35 - 44.
Because of this, the campaign was a huge success where both brand and the film were promoted more than ever before. Sales increased for the drinks as people wanted to be a part of the 007 experience.
Whats the message of the campaign?
All in all, the message of the campaign was promotion and widening the target market. Although, through running PR activities and asking members of the public to voice their opinions about how to take it further, it showed that the brand cared about their costumers which built a positive relationship between brand and consumer which brings the people back.
Whats the message of the campaign?
Overall, there was more talk about the experience of the campaign itself rather than the actual prizes that were given.
It inspired creative conversations from individuals all across the web. There were a number of different blogs that were written about the campaign.
(Slide 3) http://www.slideshare.net/DanaJones4/coke-zero-skyfall-marketing-insights
Overall success:
Target audience

Coke Zero market their product towards adult men; within their ad campaign they were able to specifically target an audience within that market of adult males living in urban areas and cities of first world countries. Coke Zero have peaked their audiences interests by appealing to their masculine side in their campaign.
Target audience

The Coke zero campaign successfully appealed to their target audience by
collaborating their brand with the famous James Bond movie franchise.
As both brands share the same target market, teaming up with the James
Bond franchise supports the campaign in reaching their target audience, as
it makes the product desirable by association.

• Excitement - the fast pace of the ad grabs viewers attention

• Entertainment - witnessing average men complete a mission

• Real life - the ad supposedly involved real people as opposed to actors, making it more relatable

• Happiness- The happy ending where the participants received free movie tickets

Factors that attract the target audience:
In relation to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, the Coke ad campaign appeals to its target audience through the need for esteem. "At the fourth level in Maslow’s hierarchy is the need for appreciation and respect".
It successfully conveys a message of:

• Superiority
• Achievement
• Recognition
• Being an alpha-male

Overall the campaign was a great success. The main aim was to boost Coke Zero sales which is something they managed to do.

They targeted their audience well and they had a clear message that matches the brand. They also exposed their brand to online users as it was the most common talked about campaign at the time.
Aims & Objectives:
Increase Coke Zero sales
Boost the brand identity
Verify the target audience
Aims & Objectives
Raise awareness for James Bond 'Skyfall'
Build a strong relationship between the brand and the customer
Create memories
Stimulate positive word of mouth
“I sit here broken hearted because I know nothing as cool as this will ever happen to me.” - MrJesussaves777 (YouTube user)
(Slide 1) http://www.coca-colacompany.com/coca-cola-unbottled/coke-zero-viral-video-unlock-the-007-in-you-you-have-70-seconds
(Slide 14) http://peopleslab.mslgroup.com/peoplesinsights/peoples-insights-volume-1-issue-40-coke-zero-unlock-the-007-in-you/
Maslow's hierarchy of needs:
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(Slide 2) (Image 2) http://assets.coca-colacompany.com/89/79/39e54e3e4f7bbb1a5d4897b16360/Unlock%20the%20007%20in%20You.jpg
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