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Warrior Cats Pics!

see what your fave warrior cats look like! These aren't just Wild Cats... But WARRIORS!!

GagNaM¢å† is awesome

on 2 August 2014

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Transcript of Warrior Cats Pics!

SharpClaw.. of SkyClan!
BrambleClaw... of ThunderClan!
MistyFoot... of RiverClan!
TigerHeart... of ShadowClan!
CrowFeather... of WindClan!
TigerStar... of ShadowClan!
Pics Of Warrior Cats!!!
SharpClaw is so epic!
Hes one of my faves for sure!!
AKA BrambleStar!
Hes Awesome! hes my most favorite Warrior all time!
oh yeah! talk about
one of the top she-cats
of RiverClan!
Oh come on DoveWing!
Dude hes awesome! I cant really belive you broke up!
CrowFeather is a great warrior!
cant doubt him, hes been so sad since FeatherTail died! at least LeafPool is still alive!
LeafPool... of ThunderClan!
Leafpool a medicine cat. the best one!
TawnyPelt... of ShadowClan!
One of my fave cats!
Shes BrambleClaw's sister.
SpiderLeg... of ThunderClan!
epic cat right?!
He is a brave and loyal Warrior! gotta love him!
HeatherTail... of WindClan!
A nice calm, happy WindClan warrior...
HeatherTail, Leader of DarkClan... HeatherStar!
hes been a bad kitty... at least his son BrambleClaw
isn't like him!
YellowFang... of ShadowClan!
Medicine cat. A former ShadowClan cat driven out by her son BrokenStar and now a respected member of ThunderClan.
CinderPelt... of ThunderClan!
CinderPelt was going to be a warrior... then a monster ran over her leg and she had to give up her dram and become a med cat. She was so loyal and brave and caring she was truly a warrior!
BrokenStar... of ShadowClan!
Jeez, he trained kits to be warriors and ended up killing them! And he drove out WindClan! what a gut this cat has huh?
The End!
The Clans are more
than cats...
They are WARRIORS!
RowanClaw... of ShadowClan!
you think hes a girl?! Well jeez hes a boy guys!
Father of DawnPelt, FlameTail and TigerHeart!
DawnPelt... of ShadowClan!
only good pic I could find ok!
BrightHeart... of ThunderClan!
poor BrightHeart... when she first got her warrior name it was LostFace! but FireStar changed it to BrightHeart.
MudClaw... of WindClan!
MudClaw was TallStar's deputy! but when he died he changed his depuy to OneWhisker!so OneWhisker was leader of WindClan instead of MudClaw! MudClaw was killed by a falling tree the day after OneWhisker became leader! he plotted to kill him because OneWhisker still only had one life! but lightning struck a tree so it fell and killed MudClaw!
Purdy... of the road to sun-drown-place!
Purdy is a cat the traveling warriors met on their way to sun-drown-place!
StormFur... of RiverClan!
totally one of my fave cats! He is FeatherTail's brother.
BrackenFur... of ThunderClan!
BrackenFur! BrackenFur! One of the most loyalest cats!! BlueStar makes him and CinderPelt apprentices before they are 6 moons!
Cody... from Twoleg Place!
LeafPool's best Kittypet friend!
FeatherTail... of RiverClan!
Great cat! find out more about her in another prezi I did called: WARRIORS... The FAMOUS ones!!
Brook... of the tribe of Rushing Water!
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