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Horses do Math too!

No description

Natalie Pion

on 10 November 2012

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Transcript of Horses do Math too!

Horses Do Math Too! Number and Operations Geometry Measurement Probability When I get shown, I am expected to be ridden in 7 classes for 20 minutes each! WHEW! That's 2.3 hours of riding! I'm sure tired after that. The horse above is my
husband and our baby is
seen below. My name is
Rosie, my husband's is
Beau, and we named our
foal Rusty. As you can
see, he's no longer a baby. Each run-in can house 2 horses.
We have 13 run-ins. So we can have 26 horses on the farm. We can put 1100 bales of hay in the barn, but it's never enough to feed all the horses for the year, so we have to use the storage about the garage as well. The dimensions of the indoor riding arena are 120' by 280'. Each stall is 14' by 14' These opened
spheres are perfect
for holding my hay!
I can fit 3 flakes in it. "These rectangular boards make it hard for me to see my friends" -Dakota These square mats protect
my feet. I have them
throughout my barn!. There's a high poop-ability (haha) that this pile will get bigger before Christmas time because stalls are cleaned at least once a week. There's a low probability that Annie will
have to clean all the stalls alone. She has
a helper there with her. Most horses love sugary treats so there is a high probability that a horse will snack on this. Let's take a look at patterns in the horse world. This shows some
dressage (a form of
riding) patterns. This common pattern helps horses
to bend around their rider's legs. Other types of math in the horse world include...
figuring out how much hay and sawdust to use
for the year. CoCoa-Bean
says, "Good-bye Friends!"
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