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Psychological perspectives for Health and Social Care

No description

Matt Rutter

on 10 September 2013

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Transcript of Psychological perspectives for Health and Social Care

Psychological perspectives for Health and Social Care
The aim of this session is to introduce learners to unit 8 and the different psychological concepts

By the end of this lesson learners should;

Be able to understand the structure and expectations of unit 8
Be able to define what psychology is
Be able to give a brief summary of different psychological perspectives

Ground Rules
100% attendance
No mobile phones
Meet all deadlines
Be punctual
Be respectful
110% effort in class

Ice breaker
In pairs you are to interview each other finding out the answers to the following questions;

Name and where they live
If they could be anyone who would they be and why
Weirdest thing ever eaten
If they could have one thing on a desert island what would it be
An interesting fact about themselves
What they want to do when they leave college

You must not write anything down, you are to memorise this information and present it to the rest of the class
Group Activity
Task 1; In groups of 4 produce a sentence defining Psychology (or what you think it is)
Unit Outline
Pass criteria
Explain the principle psychological perspectives
Explain different psychological approaches to health practice
Explain different psychological approaches to social care practice
Task 2; Also do a spider diagram of all the words you think are related to the subject of psychology
Merit Criteria
Assess different psychological approaches to study
Compare 2 psychological approaches to health and social care service provision
Distinction criteria
Evaluate two psychological approaches to health and social care service provision
How will the unit be assessed
Task 1; P1 M1

Task 2; P2 P3 M2

Task 3; D1

PIES - yum yum
When looking at Health and Social Care you need to take into account all 4 of the PIES, reflecting the needs of individuals


Can anyone tell me what each letter stands for?
P - Physical - the needs of the body
I - Intellectual - the needs of the mind
E - Emotional - our feelings
S - Social - Our need for the company of others
Mix and Match
Match the approaches to the description
Social Learning
What is Psychology
Psychology gives us explanations for why we think, feel and behave the way we do. Psychology is interested in explaining individual behaviour such as what makes you different and similar to other individuals and explaining how you interact with others
Ultimately, Psychology aims to provide explanations for our behaviour, but because psychology is a science, Psychologists back up their explanations with evidence. This allows explanations to be tested by carrying out studies and collecting data. This in turn allows us to evaluate claims about human behaviour.
Introduction to Psychology

Have a look at the images and tell us what you can see
Nature / Nurture
A major part of psychology is a famous debate called Nature Vs Nurture. This is the argument as to whether behaviour is biological (nature) and often with us from birth or environmental (nurture)
In this documentary looking at serial killers do you think it is nature or nurture that makes them who they are?

What factors did you find for each side of the nature / nurture debate?

Complete the missing words on the hand out
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