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No description

Cindy Ayala

on 14 October 2014

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Transcript of Trello

Trello in the classroom
is a planning tool that lets you plan any type of project or organize an event. Trello is meant for organizing and planning with groups ,for example, a group of students in a classroom.This tool Helps students and teachers mange their project. Most teachers use trello when doing project base learning activities. Teacher can assign certain task to students through trello. Teachers can see how their students are coming along in the project. Teacher will still be able to help students and give their opinions through trello. Students will learn how to manage their time and task.
Pro's and Con's
• Teacher will be able to see who has been working and who has not.
• Students can comment their opinions and interact with other classmates or teacher.
• Students will be able to manage their time with trello they will be able to see what they have done and what they still have yet to accomplish.
• It works in different devices such as: laptop, desktop, mobile device, iPod, and tablet.
• Trello is simple and easy to use
Its free!

• trello supports the English language only.
• No Gantt chart.
• Simply descriptions only no written documents
Trello ties very well with the theory of connectivism accruing to the theory students learn and do groups project through collaborating websites. Trello allows students to communicate and organize their projects through trello. They can see how they are progressing in their projects. Students can check out other boards and learn about other similar projects.
Students learn how to communicate with each other through trello. They work together using trello , and it helps them develop other technical and social skills. Trello will help any hands on activity become fun and helpful for students. It helps students learn and explore other ways of learning. Trello helps students get organize and take ownership of their education. Trello will not only help students interact online but in person as well and teach how to work as a team. working with trello does require a lot of socializing with other students. It will help the students connect from trello and outside. With the help of trello students can also arrange meetings to discuss their projects. Trello provides a calendar that will let everyone in the group when the next meeting will take place..
Project base learning
Trello helps project base learning an easier method for teacher and students. Trello allows them to deeply investigate, for example , when doing a science project about plants they can go to the search bar on trello and look up different plant or science boards, and start taking notes or maybe become member of that board. Trello is great for collaborating and its so easy to post something so everyone could see and voice their opinions.
Steps for using trello in a classroom
Create a board for all groups in the classroom
Create a do to list for the group with inductions or task on the "to do" card
Click about trello to show the Students how it works
Write the due date on the calendar trello provides that way everyone can see it.
Make sure everyone is in a group by clicking on the broads members
Make sure that the cards are moving from the "to do" to "done"
Check for everyone feedback
Enjoy the use of trello
What is trello?

Trello is designed for an easier and fun way to be organized and manage projects. Trello can be used as a personal board or for a business. It can replace spread sheets, sticky notes, and planners and best of all it's free to use. What is trello? a board that helps you add posts in columns for information or events that you need to do, are doing, and are done. In those columns you record as many things as you want in writing, pictures or diagrams. It can adapt to the type of information that you wish to project. Trello makes it easy to get things done by uploading information and files from your computer. It can even notify you of the important due dates or important information you need to know and when it needs to happen. You can add as many people to your board and have as many boards as you want. It is easy to use for an organization that needs things to get done. You can even comment in each column so people can see what is going on. Trello can be used from your computer, mobile device and tablets. It is very secure and private.
step 1: create an account
The way you can start using Trello is by going to https://trello.com and it's free a sign up and free use . All you need is you name, an e-mail and to create a password.
step 2: create a board
Once you are in you can create an organization then a board.
In your board or organization you can create a list depending on what you need them to say for example: to do , doing, done .
step 3: organize your board
what your board looks like
Step 6: Making sure your project is progressing
After creating the list you add cards under those lists by adding messages pictures or diagrams.
step 4: To do, Doing, done
One way to know that your project is progressing is by checking things of your check list. Trello provides a check list on each card. This way nothing is left undone.
Step 5: Add members and start your project
On the right hand you can look for people and add them. They as well can add things to your cards depending on how you set it up private, public, or only friends.
Start your project
Once you have your organization , board, and members start assigning task and attacht them to a card that way the each member knows what they are doing.
Basic trello tutorial
Download trello today! trello use to only work with only internet connection on your computer. Now you wont have to worry and you can always be updated on your task when you download the trello app. the notifies you when you were assign another task or there's a deadline approaching.
what the back of a card looks like
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