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Don't let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game

Carlee Crocker

on 19 February 2014

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Transcript of Success

Success in Religion
Islam-- How well one follows the islamic rules

Christianity-- Using one's talents to give back to God

Judaism-- Overcoming difficulties; making your soul something that does credit to its Maker
Success in Biology
Resonance Journal
Success in Numbers
Biological and cultural evolution
Darwinian Fitness
ability to survive and reproduce successfully
Yale Review
environmental tolerance, diversity, impact, numbers, reproductive potential
Success in Art
Success: Variation in Other Cultures
South Korea: defined success as having a good family, working car, and a good income.

Spain: success defined as fame, power, and money

Czech Republic: Good health and happiness; money comes second

India: Finding contentment in your life - could be a blend of money, being a respected member in society, and power

Brazil: money, fame - reaching goals and dreams
Success in War
"History is written by the winners" -Winston Churchill

World War II death toll:
-Axis Powers: 8,268,000
-Allied Powers: 39,963,700

Soviet Union: 20,000,000
10million civilians

As defined in the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, succes can either be, the fact of getting or achieving wealth, respect, or fame, the correct or desired result of an attempt, or someone or something that is successful-a person or thing that succeeds.

Some common synonyms are win, prosperity, fame, fortune, reward, fruition, attainment, and happiness.

It originated from the Latin word successus, a derivative of the word succedere, which means come close after.
Definition of Success varies depending on the priorities and structure of a society
Examples in History

"Most Successful Battle in History" -The History Place =
Battle of Yorktown (1781)
- Cornwallis sent to neutralize the south
- Went North to Yorktown, outnumbered Americans
-Guerrilla warfare used, with help of French,outnumbered 15000-6000
-very few deaths
- last major battle of revolution

Most "Successful" Artists (Some of)
-Pable Picasso

-Giotto Di Bondone

-Leonardo Da Vinci

-Michelangelo Buonarroti
“I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.”
--Thomas Edison

Examples in History
Vietnam (1965-1973)

168.1 billion dollar total direct cost
= 168,000 per "enemy"
300-900 billion dollar final cost
(inc. interest,veteran benefits, etc
1,921,000 Vietnamese deaths
2,500,000 U.S. served
113,151 died during and after war
316,783 wounded or disabled
January 1973= peace treaty
Hostility and war continued

Pablo Picasso's Les Demoiselles d'Avignon
Leonardo de Vinci's Mona Lisa
Paul Cézanne's "The Card Players"
Sold 2011: 259 Million Dollars
Cycle of Art Success
Who say's what art is "successful?
Those who have degrees in art
How do you get a degree in art?
Study the history of art
What do you study about the history of art?
What art was successful
Present Day "Success"
- Success measured in monitary value
- Art (Paintings and Drawlings)
-Art (Music and Songs)

The 100 "Top Songs" in the US
= found from MONEY made,
-number downloaded,
-albums bought
With Art, Success= price piece sold for
"priceless" = ultimate success
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Dutch, Polish, and Russian slave laborers at
Buchenwald concentration camp
8) Lanning, Michael Lee. "The History Place - Top Ten Battles of All Time." The History Place - Top Ten Battles of All Time. N.p., n.d. Web. 12 Feb. 2014. <http://www.historyplace.com/worldhistory/topten/>.
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United States: based on Capitalism
India: Hinduism is made religion - goal of reaching freedom - results in immortality - money is not the goal
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