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My Final Project

No description

Rachel Roberts

on 1 February 2016

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Transcript of My Final Project

My Final Project
The Monkefomi
By: Rachel Roberts
The Monkefomi
It can fly, hides in the trees where humans and predators can't see him he can also jump really high with his long legs.

I made him using a human head of a frog, the legs of an owl the eyes of a hawk, the wings of an eagle and the snout of a hippo then I blended it together and merged each part.I also blended and added some white paint on the face where i put the nose of a hippo on it.
The Monkefomi

This is my favourite animal because I like the body parts I used. I also just love the name. Especially since I used the head of my friend Romi and incorporated that in the name of the animal

I really liked the combination I used and what body parts I chose.
The Brahpig
The Brahpig
The brahpig can swim in the water, survive the cold winter air and can run really fast
Its a very small animal thats very fuzzy but protective
I blended its body together and
I merged each image so it
would be attached I used the head of a polar bear, the eye of a rabbit, the feet of a duck, the nose of a pig and the hands of a hamster
I thought it was a fun project I had a good time making my animal it was a good way for us to be creative and learn how to use different effects in photoshop

I really enjoyed the course I think the data we were all taught was really helpful and we had lots of fun projects.

It sometimes could challenge you like the flash but it is something to work through and then later it was way more fun because you could actually do it now. This course taught me to really use my head and to be creative
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