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jessica Escobar

on 11 August 2010

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Transcript of F.I.

FORMAL INSTRUCTION AND SECOND LANGUAGE ACQUISITION 1. To what extent does instruction directed at teaching specific linguistic items or rules work? Do learners learn what they are taught?

2. Does learner-instruction matching result in improved language learning?

3.Does learner training enhance learners' ability to learn from formal instruction? TYPES OF FORMAL INSTRUCTION Cognitive goals Metacognitive goals
(strategy training) language-centred instruction (pronunciation, lexis, grammar, discourse) learner-centered instruction (learner-instruction matching) THE EFFECTS ON SECOND LANGUAGE LEARNING On general langauge proficiency On production accurancy Fornal instruction and the secuence of acquisition The durability of formal instruction the effects of different types of formal instruction learner-instruction matching the role of formal instruction it refers to GRAMMAR TEACHING Teachers use F.I. because thay want to develop learners' general proficiency. The combination of formal instruction and exposure to English Does formal instruction work? Instruction may lead to more accurate use of grammatical structures in communication providing a learner is able process them. learners need subsequent and possibly continuous access to communication that utilizes the features that have been taught It is closely linked to the nature of the learner's motivation the learners needs to be able to perceive structures in the input and also requires a reason for remmembering them
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