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Casualties in the "Meat"-packing Industry

No description

jennifer olha

on 27 February 2014

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Transcript of Casualties in the "Meat"-packing Industry

There are currently over 49 jobs in a meat packaging plant, all bearing some aspect of danger (myplan.com).
Slaughterhouse and “meat”-processing workers labor each day in conditions with predictable risks despite the fact that employers are aware of safer alternatives. Consequently, many of the injuries and deaths that workers suffer are preventable. (foodispower.org)
Incidents Since Publication
Schlosser's Claim
"The Most Dangerous Job"
Apr. 30, 2013
Interstate Meat Distributor, Oregon, 41 year old man falls into meat grinder and dies (www.examiner.com)
Feb. 2011
72 year old dies when cleaning meat blender, coworker turned machine on while he was inside and broke his neck (www.provisioneronline.com)
Is it still true today?... Yes!
Fatal incidents still occurring

Safety and Handling regulations can limit accidents, yet have not been set in place

Loose enforcement of already existing OSHA criteria

This issue is still prevalent and workers are blamed for actions instead of investigating the true cause
Feb. 12, 2004:
Morrell meatpacking plant in South Dakota, ammonia leak left more than 100 workers dead (www.homeland1.com)
Oct. 17, 2013
Draper, Utah, 52 year old man tried to dislodge a bucket from trailer and was crushed and killed (www.fox13now.com)
"The Most Dangerous Job"
Schlosser's claim is supported by his relaying of the story Kenny Dobbins. Dobbins suffered pulled muscles, broken legs, shattered ankles, and a massive heart attack. He was fired on leave.
Corporations did and continue to lack proper safety measures for the well being of their employees.
An inside look...
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Casualties in the Meat Packing Industry
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