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Gabrielle Benjamin

on 14 February 2017

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Transcript of MumMum

>My grandmother had my mother in Canada in 1985. My mom moved to the states to finish her last 2 years of high school.
>The school took care of all the papers and documents needed for her to be able to stay legally.
>In America my mom loved the people and had good memories. At the school there were good programs for her to get involved with especially being a young mother but survived bad living conditions.

>My grandma first came up to Canada to visit her older sister for a year in 1978.
>She came back the year after and was a nanny for 2 years for a Jewish family in Toronto.
>My grandma went back to Antigua to get papers for a landed status and lived in Toronto, and after a number of years she became a citizen of Canada

>Dad was born in Jamaica in 1978
>He left Jamaica in 1998 to join his mother
>When he came to Canada he was given a jacket and remembered that it was very cold
>It was easy for him to adapt to Canadian culture.

My grandpa on my dad's side is from Jamaica and is still living there.
My grandma's grandfather fought in WW1

Parents as teen lives vs mine
My mom and dad as teens didn't have internet in the house and didn't have phones until their late teens. They both partied a lot. My mom grew up in a Christian based house hold. For my mom, anytime the church doors were open she was there. My dad grew up in a catholic house hold and attended mass regularly. Both of my parents were very athletic but their parents never put them in curricular activities outside of school. However, my parents have fulled invested to my basketball.
With me on the other hand I had my first phone by the time I was 12 years old. I don't tend to party much but I do like to get out of my house. In my earlier school years I had some issues but by gr.9 started to do well in school. I attend church on Sundays and when I was younger I was involved in church groups.

(grandma on mom's side)
My grandma moved from Antigua to Canada.
>Grandpa was born in Antigua in 1951.
>He went to visit Canada alone to see friends
>After visiting he wanted to go back to Canada to live there. He came back in 1979 by himself as a landed status. He then went to immigration post and received a temporary social insurance number.
>He left Antigua to come to Canada for the experience.
>It was November the second time he came up to Canada, he wasn't used to cold weather. He also noticed racial tension between white people and the minorities.

Grandpa moved from Antigua to Canada
(on Mom's side)
>Finding a job in Canada was hard for my grandpa. Many employers were looking for people who had "Canadian experience". He later found a job with the help of his friend in auto machanics.

moved from Canada to America
grandma left Jamaica to live in Canada
>Was living in Jamaica and wanted a better job to give her two sons a better life.
>In 1980 January 22 my grandma was sponsored by a family to be their house keeper
>In 1986 she received her landed status and 10 years after that she became a Canadian citizen.
>Other than arriving in the middle of winter my grandma's first experience in Canada was very nice, She was treated well and had no problems in finding a job. She worked as a house keeper for 6 years and settled in Oakville.
>One of the few hardships mentioned by my grandma was her missing her boys. She left them back in Jamaica when they were 1 and 2 years old.
(on dad's side)
Dad left Jamaica to live in Canada
My History
I moved from America to come to Canada
>I was born in America, up-state New York
>I went to live in Canada when I was 2 and a half years old with my mom
>My mother was already a Canadian citizen, attaining my citizenship for Canada was not difficult.
>I have dual citizenship between Canada and America
>My mom and I settled in Mississauga with my grandma.

When my grandma moved to Canada she was not used to the cold weather, the high rise buildings, and seeing so many white people. and the big highways. She soon became very homesick and wished to be back home.
Finding work was very hard for her. Many employers were looking for people with Canadian experience. She eventually found a job while walking down the streets of Toronto and got a job as an early childhood educator.
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