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Limits of Power

No description

April Lugo

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of Limits of Power

Limits of Power Congress The Supreme Court Impeachment Public Support The Press The power of of Congress is balanced with that of the president, and their relationship with one another is meant to be both cooperative and antagonistic. The Supreme Court must assure that all laws and legislative or executive actions do not violate the Constitution.Therefore having the power to reject new laws that disagree with the Constitutional standard. Impeachment is when a presidential figure is accused of a high level crime or misdemeanor and must therefore be put on trial. Congress has taken the responsibility it holds very seriously, and recognizes that which could end the delicate balance of power between branches. The public does more then voting gor our countries leader, but also controls the power that the president has. The more public support the presidemt has the more imfluence he has in our country. However the less support he has the less power as well. The press tells the public what is occuring in the government so they may be aware of the circumstances. This makes sure the presedential power does not exceed it's legal limits.
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